Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Immortal 500: The Fender Fangs Garage

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STORYLINE: Getting the Fender Fang gang back together wasn't too hard. Everyone had already forgotten about what happened last year to the unfortunate mechanic Eddie. They were too smitten with the spitfire girl who replaced him, Naar. She had a burning love for speed and a fascination with fire. She was perfect, he didn't think she would run away when he showed her the gang's secret weapon to assure their victory, the "Daylight FireBomb."

Is this racing theme at Level Up, fun or what? Aarya and I have teamed up once more. I'm shooting the pictures while she is away from her photography computer. Head over to her blog for more details on her outfit and a wider view of the Fender Fangs garage here: Dark Phantom. I am wearing the new SummerWind hair by Tableau Vivant available at SummerFest. The shades by Kumaki have a popup menu to change the colors, and switch from up to down positions. I love the skulls and pipes pattern on the side. You can read more about my jacket, pants, and boots here: The Immortal 500: Fender Fangs ride again! On the bed next to me is the SpitFire version of the Speed Demon Helmets by Remarkable Oblivion. I'm showing you the materials and closed version. The bed I am messing up with my dirty, oily footprints is the Vroom Bed by Fetch. It's 4 land impact and comes in PG and Adult versions. The tire chair by Kuro is 2 land impact, can change between black and white tires, and has a bunch of single poses including one that will attach to you a steering wheel for your pretend driving purposes. lol  Next to Naar is the adorable car backpack by Tentacio. It comes in 8 different colors. ...Okay we will be back with another team from the Immortal 500 race soon.

On Him, Dev, the Racer of the Fender Fangs:
Hair: Tableau Vivant SummerWind Gents, spring [mesh](SummerFest)(250L)
Shades: Kumaki K_gs Kasha_R2 [mesh](400L)
Jacket: R3VOLT [R3] - Kyler Jacket V3 [mesh](250L)
Boots: Razor Dread Boots - Mens [mesh](599L)
Gloves: Vrsion KONVERT 2.1 Male Glove [mesh] (200L)
Pants: 19 MOTORCYCLE RACING Suit-01 Red (800L)
Eyes: S0NG Charmmy - Lust Eye [mesh] (50L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 1 - blond (990L)
Pose: momomuller / 3M squat1_m_000 (sit on ground) (40L)

On Her, Naar, the Mechanic of the Fender Fangs:
(For stylecard, See Aarya's blog Dark Phantom )

Setting, Fender Fang garage:
Helmet: Remarkable Oblivion Speed Demon Helmet - Spitfire w/ Materials [mesh](Level Up)(249L)
Bed: Fetch Vroom Bed [mesh](Level Up)(pg 150L, adult 200L)
Chair: Kuro Tire Chair [mesh](Level Up)(210L)
Bag: Tentacio Racing Car Backpack [mesh] (Level Up)(80L)
Motorcycle, props: [sau] Raven 50% Promo version [mesh](1980L)


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