Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Immortal 500: The Fender Fangs ride again!

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STORYLINE: When the news broke of a mysterious grand prize for this year's Immortal 500 race, the Fender Fang gang reformed. No one knew exactly what the prize was, but it was rumored to be the most fabulous object of all the underworld. The race would no doubt prove to be a bloody and dangerous one as vampires around the world mowed each other down in their lust to acquire it.

The people who brought you the wildly successful Final Fantasy Fest bring you a new quarterly event with a video game theme called Level Up. The first is, "Drive It Like You Stole It." lol. I have been so hyped up about this! You can pick up cool racing style clothing, decor, gacha goodies, games, and poses in a variety of different styles such as Kawaii, Anime, Urban Decay, or just Hardcore Badass. Above I am showing the stunning Remarkable Oblivion helmet Fury that has all the style and intricate details I dearly love from RO plus the added material effects make it even that much sharper looking inworld! The level of realism is epic. Each Speed Demon helmet comes with visor up or down, materials or no materials, and you can get it in three styles: Fury, Predator, and Spitfire. To go with the helmet, I used the beautifully drawn system layer racing leather pants from 19 Motorcylce, the badass Dread boots from Razor that are perfect for a racing look, and the Kyler strapped jacket by R3VOLT. Both the Razor boots and R3VOLT jacket come with a hud to change the colors and textures. Level Up is from June 19 to the July 7th.

Needing it's own paragraph is the Motorcyle Raven by [sau]. For my coverage of Level Up, I did a investigation for the current best motorcyles in SL. I asked my friends, visited many stores, tried many demos. The clear winner in my quest is the Raven by [sau]. It is 100% original design in mesh by a creator with an obvious passion for 3d models and bikes. The Raven is currently on sale 50% off for promotion. You can change the color/textures on the body and frame, switch the sounds from a sleek Japanese engine purr to a more deep rumbling chopper roar. The bike can scale up for a tall vamp like me, and poses can be adjusted too. The Raven also takes a passenger who will cling to you for dear life as you race around. lol  It has an alarm, flight mode, burn out, lights, etc.  There is only thing I left on my wishlist of features, and that's the ability to upload my own custom textures for it.

And I'm not done with you yet, because there is one more badass thing I want to ramble about, the Loki Elliot's EnchantCake stage at SL11B! That's where the image above was taken before the official open. I was lucky enough to get a tour pf SL11B by the lovely Saffia from Designing Worlds, thanks Saffia! All the fun, work, and creativity at SL11B is incredible. I am crazy for the SciFi theme this year and LindenLab's Robot avatar. SL11B is a celebration our virtual world and great things are coming such as the next generation of SecondLife.  Definitely don't miss the gifts, a hunt, exhibits, live performances, DJ, and more at SL11B! The people watching alone is worth enduring the lag. lol SL11B started today at noon and goes until the 29th.

p.s. Today is my RezDay!!! I'm Three! Thank you all who have made my second life so wonderful. Loves!

On Him, Dev, the Racer of the Fender Fangs:
Helmet: Remarkable Oblivion Speed Demon Helmet - Fury with Materials [mesh](Level Up)(249L)
Jacket: R3VOLT [R3] - Kyler Jacket V3 [mesh](250L)
Boots: Razor Dread Boots - Mens [mesh](599L)
Gloves: Vrsion KONVERT 2.1 Male Glove [mesh] (200L)
Pants: 19 MOTORCYCLE RACING Suit-01 Red (800L)
Motorcycle: [sau] Raven 50% Promo version [mesh](1980L)
Pose: Bytegang worlds PFB 900 - Yakuza - superbike 2.0 (499L)

SL11B EnchantCake

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