Tuesday, June 10, 2014

NEWS: Starter Mesh Avatar Update, and Linden Home Survery

NEWS: The Linden Labs starter mesh avatars have been updated. As promised, the shapes are now editable and hover errors are fixed. But in a surprise, Sara, the blond female avatar has gotten a makeover. She has a new hairstyle and new shape.

You can read more here:
Updated Mesh Starter Avatars Are Now Available

NEWS: For SLB11, Prim Perfect is having a survey about what makes a strong community in SecondLife. It appears to me that survey hints that either Linden Labs might be considering a makeover to their Premium homes, or the survey will be submitted to them with ideas on how to improve the Premium homes. This is awesome news!

I wasted no time sending my ideas like: 
1) Upgrade the old homes to more modern mesh styles that make less land impact,
2) More texture, color options to customize the mesh Linden homes
3) More public gathering spaces, like in Linden Japan a Hot Spring
4) Game areas of course, for clowning around with your buds
5) A mentoring program. Residents can mentor new users and earn perks, perhaps a Linden Home?

Please take a moment to fill out the survey here:
What makes a strong Second Life Community?

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