Sunday, June 1, 2014

Enchantment: Sleeping Beauty 3

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STORYLINE: I do not know her name, nor how she looked, but she has been my only companion throughout the long years. The first time she came to me, she threw me from the tower into the river below. When I did not drown, she set me on fire. When the flames failed to destroy me, she buried me deep in the earth. However, I was not there for long. She dug me up, her silence somehow colder than the air around us. Then she finally spoke, "You are reborn. You are MY daughter now." After that she was much kinder to me. She delighted in dressing me up and brushing my hair while she hummed a lullaby. I was never able to talk to her, but I think she knew I was listening. Perhaps she liked it that I never spoke, never told her I thought she was cruel. She seemed to grow more and more attached to me. She even told me a sad tale of how she deeply loved a man, but he broke her heart and married someone else. When the day came that I felt change was near, she leaned down to me and whispered, "It was I who did this to you. Forgive me." She kissed me on the cheek and breathed, "forget." I opened my eyes as I heard the sound of a heavy wooden door breaking. I saw the blurry form of man in red charge charge at dark female figure. His sword sunk deep into her chest. She did not cry out, or resist. She turned into a shower of green ash and finally my long nightmare was over. The man lifted me up, for I was too weak to raise myself. "Are you alright, miss?" 

Hurry! There's still a little time left to shop and collect prizes in the Sleepy Beauty Round of Enchantment. I'm showing this post the Maleficent themed items. I LOVE the Kalopsia dragon throne, it's super cool. It comes a few female sits, cobwebs, and broken columns. In the background amoung the thrones is the Sleeping Beauty castle set decoration piece. The headress by  Kalopsia comes in white or black and it's the stamp prize! Wonderful! You can pick up this cool Thorn hairstyle at the Violent Seduction store. It comes is many colors, I used the teal. Violent Seduction's stamp prize is a lingerie outfit with mesh corset and system layers. It also comes with appliers for slink feet, phat/cuteazz, and wowmeh. This lovely shade of green skin is the stamp prize by The Sugar Garden and it comes every applier imaginable! Veil Horns Maleficent is wearing is by the Sugar Garden. The wild striped boots are by Aftershok and availible at World Goth Fair, as well as the Midnight Eyes by Snow. World Goth Fair ends June 1st, so there is still some time to shop up up some clothes your lovely Maleficent. It's been a hell of month.  See you guys in June. ^^/

On Her, Maleficent:
Hair: Violent Seduction Thorn Queen Hair - wild 2, teal [mesh](Enchantment) (100L)
Outfit: Violent Seduction Thorn Queen Lingerie [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize
Cape: Peqe Frilly Evil vest [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize
Headdress: Kalopsia Lady Dragon Black [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize
Headress: The Sugar Garden Veil Horns Black [mesh] (Enchantment) (125L)
Skin, appliers: The Sugar Garden Heartless Witch Skin Stamp Prize (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize
Makeup: Lovely Disarray Haunted Souls (Dark Style Fair)(140L)
Boots: Aftershok AZ Spats B - Mono [mesh] (World Goth Fair, Port Seraphine) (125L)
Eyes: By Snow Midnight Eyes [mesh] (World Goth Fair, Cursed) (150L) 100% donation
Necklace: Chaos, Panic, Disorder Naga Abyssal Women (World Goth Fair, Sium)(99L)

Throne: Kalopsia Evil Throne [mesh] (Enchantment) (250L)
Castle: Kalopsia Princess Castle [mesh] (Enchantment) (200L)
Thorns: Anc Ironorbs and Thornbush [mesh] (Enchantment) Enchantment Stamp Prize

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