Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Retro Game Adventure 2

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STORYLINE: The sender of the email claimed to be a character inside the game he had been seeking. She insisted he rescue her before it was too late. There were only a few copies left of her in the world. A vicious hacker was determined to destroy her!

My friends Kariritaisho and Mystina were so good to say yes when I asked for their help blogging Retro Games. It was tricky to coordinate three people's schedules, and LevelUp has now ended. Nevertheless, we all wanted to continued on with this idea for the series. Items shown here should be in the mainstores or added soon. Thanks guys! Shown above, Myst is wearing an outfit she put together and posed with the fun Cubic Cherry Chompychain tails. Adorable. The picture is taken at the fun Electrobit City sim. You can reach this level by taking the teleport near the bunnies at the main landing. Just be sure to accept all the experience keys when you land. You only need to accept it once, the sim will remember it after that.

On Her, Myst
Model: Mystina
Tails: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations Chompychain tails [mesh](Level Up)(250L)
Hair: Magika [03] Today [mesh](250L)
Head: Utilizator M3 Mesh Anime Head [mesh](500L)
Body: Utilizator Kemono Body [mesh](900L)
Ears: Mandala Female Fantasy Elf [mesh](777L)
Eye Mod: Puppy M3 Reflective Eyes Gray (49L)
Skin Mod: POMF Little Hime (250L)
Outfit: Mikazuki Mika Reach Complete Outfit for Kemono (re-textured) [mesh](899L)
Wings: Second Legends Angel HUD + Wings [mesh](free)
Bow: Primus Petiole Bow [mesh]
Pendant: JasX Unconvincing Armor Outfit Part of BG Feline F [mesh](free)
Pose: Ulrika Zugzwang Superhero Landing

Electrobit City - 8-Bit and Retro Pixel Utopia

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STORYLINE: Of course Dino didn't believe a word of it. I mean, seriously? A game character is alive and claims a hacker is destroying all copies of the game? It made no sense. But, it was true the game was damn hard to find. Dino didn't know what to think about this, but since he had nothing better to do for a few hours, he followed her link and logged in as his favorite character, Lina the Guardian of Helios. Who knew what strange things might happen next? Maybe if he was lucky, he would finally get a copy of the game, right?

Kariritaisho is modeling several cute Link-like goodies from BluPrintz, the tunic, boots, and the weapons are part of a gacha. Her hair is Mario Hair by Ayashi. It comes with a Mario hat you wear or hide. The Graham's Adventure Cap is by Unrepentant and comes in 5 different colors. You mod it and scale it for the best fit. Her bunny sidekick is part of the Electrobit City sim. Just touch a bunny and he will ask if he can attach to you. Say yes, and you have a new pet who will follow you around. Cute.

On Her, Lina Guardian of Helios:
Model: Kariritaisho
Hair: Ayashi Mario Hair [mesh](Level Up)(250L)
Weapons: BluPrintz Sword & Shield RARE, gacha [mesh](Level Up)(50L)
Armor: BluPrintz Hero's Bracers, gacha [mesh](Level Up)(50L)
Necklace: BluPrintz Hero's Medallion, gacha [mesh](Level Up)(50L)
Outfit: BluPrintz Hero Tunic [mesh](Level Up)(199L)
Boots: BluPrintz Hero's Boots [mesh](Level Up)(199L)
Hat: Unrepentant Graham's Adventuring Cap - Thief [mesh](Level Up)(23L)
Head: Utilizator M3 Mesh Anime Head [mesh](500L)
Body, stockings: Utilizator Avatar 2.0 body, stockings [mesh](400L)
Skin: POMF M3 Head and Avatar 2.0 Innocent Skin V2 (no blush)(150L)
Eyes: POMF M3 Another World Eyes - Blue (100L)
Bunny: Electrobit City (free, sim attachment)
Pose: StunT Sword and Shield - Crouching Ready (100L)

Electrobit City - 8-Bit and Retro Pixel Utopia
Thanks for your help, Kariritaisho and Mystina!

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