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The Big Ben Bats

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STORYLINE: It started out as a joke. He was drunk and the music at The Batcave was horrible that night. He complained loudly. Okay, maybe he shouted and threw a beer bottle. And well, long story short, the guitarist of No Talent called him a tosser, so he bit him live on stage infront of a stunned crowd of black-clad concert goers. In that moment as he looked out at the crowd in a fuzzy daze, the lights shining in his eyes, something clicked in his head. "This," he thought, "Right here. Right now." He didn't know how to play guitar, but with the blood of his defeated enemy coursing in his veins, he didn't let it stop him. He wailed on the blood splattered guitar as if the devil himself had just taken the stage. He became a legend of sorts in the London Underground. Part of his schtick was biting people live on stage. "Mess with the Bat, and you get the fang!" That's how the music career started of the guitarist of infamous Big Ben Bats.

Two great events going on right now. Leaf on the Wind is a fund raiser for the 29 year old Scarlet Chandrayaan (owner of Alouette). Her cancer has returned and she expected to have only 2 more years. At the top of her bucket list is a dream to see London. Designers on the grid have rallied and created Leaf on the Wind to help her dream come true. This is a wonderful event with a mission and has many fun London items for sale. The sim itself is decorated with an England theme. It runs until the end of January. More information here: In the image above, I'm showing the gacha of the plates and shelf by Zanzibar creationZ, the ottoman by 22769 bauwerk, and the cool UK stomper boots by Forsaken.

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The Creators Collection Box is a brand new event featuring Japanese content creators. Don't miss this event, it's huge and the deals are sweet! There's something for everyone: girls, guys, decor and gadgets. Above is the fun guitar by Namine which plays like a real guitar! Touch notes on the hud, and you are playing live inworld! It has 2 playing styles, and a total of 66 notes. (I wasn't able to record the sounds it makes in the video, but you can demo the guitar at the event.) Also shown from CCB, is the table and chair by La petite fleur. The chair has 4 animations for the girls, and 4 for the guys. Touch the lamp to turn it on and off. The man holding the records is a gift at the La petite fleur mainstore. Shown below are two stools from the No Concept Creators Collection Box. They are part of a gacha for only 40L each!

I'm wearing an awesome new coat with shirt, vest, and tie by FATEwear. For the first time, FATEwear has included Fitted mesh along with the standard sizes. The fatpack comes with a hud to mix and match the different colors for the jacket, shirt, and tie. I added a slightly darker red tint to the tie, and darker grey to the void color jacket. I came close to using the KoKoLoReS Kazu hair for my yearbook picture but I'm glad I didn't now. It's perfect for an early goth Robert Smith type of style. The Goth Buttons are by papermoon. You can also buy Goth Patches and add to your coats and shirts for a touch of retro punk. The Cropped Sarrouel pants by Chronokit work perfect with the Forsaken boots. The plaid belt by :Sey I edited to make it thicker in a retro style. Because it's mod, it was no problem to tuck it within the coat, and overlaping the pants. The gloves are a gacha rare from last month's Men's Department. Yes, if you look close, that hand gesture is not a fist, it's something a bit more rude. lol

From the set, the EliBaily Recycled Planks Bed is from a past gacha at The Men's Department. The Cello Coffin Box is by Souzou Eien. I showed the cello in the past, but this time I am showing the awesome coffin box that comes with it! love it! The Big Ben prop is actually the box for the From Hell gacha by Never Totally Dead. And by favorite red rug by Senzafine is from a past World Goth Fair.

This is a collaboration project with Aarya Phantomhive of the Dark Phantom blog. She is always a joy to work with. Her idea to make a band and have an album was so much fun, and for a good cause too! To read her report, storyline, and stylecard for the Big Ben Bats, head over to the Dark Phantom blog.

On him, Guitarist for the Big Ben Bats:
Coat, shirt, tie: FATEwear Jordan Coat Long - Fatpack fitted mesh, hud [mesh](1000L)
Boots: -=FORSAKEN=- Union Riot boots (Leaf on the Wind)(200L) 75% donation
Gloves: APHORISM! Leather Gloves -Finger- black Rare, gacha [mesh](50L)
Pants, suspenders: Chronokit Cropped Sarrouel Pants White, Suspenders [mesh](350L)
Tongue: CheerNo Tongue_Silver_piercing [mesh](225L)
Buttons: Papermoon Oi! Britannia Buttons - Goth [mesh](150L)
Belt: :SEY Double-Hole Belt_B (Stars./.A) [mesh](250L)
Hair: KoKoLoReS Hair - Kazu male [mesh](250L)
Tattoo lip: LE:MON bloody lips (1L)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Vampire Eye [mesh] (50L)
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v2l_HeadEyeline01C(bk)(free)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - Tone 03 blond (990L)
Guitar, pink: Namine guitar D-250 CCB Special Edition_r for male (Creators Collection Box)(250L)
Guitar, black: NS Like a Star [mesh](100L)
Pose: The Black Canary Miyavi Pose 7 (no longer available)

Stool 1: No Concept wood high stool, gacha [mesh](Creators Collection Box)(40L)
Stool 2: No Concept iron low stool, gacha [mesh](Creators Collection Box)(40L)
Table, chair: La petite fleur Wooden table(black) and chair [mesh](Creators Collection Box)(150L)
Record shelf: La petite fleur  Recordshelf (gift)
Plate: .: Zanzibar creationZ :. Kitschy London Plate Shelving RARE, gacha [mesh](Leaf on the Wind)(50L) 50% donation
Plate: .: Zanzibar creationZ :. Kitschy London Plate - I Love London, gacha [mesh](Leaf on the Wind)(50L) 50% donation
Plate: .: Zanzibar creationZ :. Kitschy London Plate - London Calling, gacha [mesh](Leaf on the Wind)(50L) 50% donation
Plate: .: Zanzibar creationZ :. Kitschy London Plate - Look Right, gacha [mesh](Leaf on the Wind)(50L) 50% donation
Plate: .: Zanzibar creationZ :. Kitschy London Plate - Cor Blimey, gacha [mesh](Leaf on the Wind)(50L) 50% donation
Ottoman: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] cube poof Union Jack [mesh] (Leaf on the Wind)(150L) 75% donation
Bed: EliBaily Recycled Planks Bed ukUnion Jack, gacha [mesh](100L)
Cello, coffin box: Souzou Eien The Master's Cello Box (Full) Decorative [mesh](400L)
Big Ben: Never Totally Dead From Hell *London Map*, gacha [mesh](50L)
Rug: Senzafine "Evendim" Area Rug in Crimson (no longer available)

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