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First Contact: Ylla K

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STORYLINE: Mrs K was what they called, "First Contact" between the people of Earth and Mars. From the mind of the spaceman flying to her world, she saw images of the blue tinted beauty of Earth. She saw how the people of Earth lived. They were so different. She longed for the freedom they enjoyed. Her life could be so much more than it was. Why should she remain imprisoned in the home of a man who didn't love her when she could become famous on Earth? She wanted to be talked about and admired. She wanted to dress in the finest Earth fashions. But most importantly, she just wanted to be loved.

This round of a Tattered Page is the The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. I was not familiar with the novel, so I got a copy and read it. It's a very different from what I expected. It's more like the Twilight Zone than a novel. Each chapter is a mini story and there's a very loose overall structure to it. It's very much from another time period. Our science, knowledge, and technology has advanced a lot since the 1950s. But I think the best way to view the novel is a series of metaphors about what happened in the past (such as when Europeans invaded the Americas, and Manifest Destiny) to scary realities of Nuclear War and what the mind set of the people was back in the 1950s. For my blog posts, I want to focus on an early chapter and expand on the story, the telepathic meeting of the minds between Mrs. K and Nathaniel York.

Mrs K above is wearing the skin by Fallen Gods. It comes with appliers for Slink hands, feet, nails, body and head as well as some others appliers. Nice! Her dress is the gorgeous design by Pale Empress. I love the raised surface of velvet bats on the skirt. Every goth girl in SL needs to RUN get this dress! It's awesome. The handheld mask is also by Pale Empress. It comes with a hud to change the colors, and it triggers a hold pose when worn. Her Martian eyes are by the Chop Shop. And her billowy hair is by Exile available at Collabor88. This weekend is the last for both events, so don't miss them if you haven't checked them out already!

On Her: Ylla K:
Skin, Slink All Appliers: Fallen Gods Mrs.K +FGInc. (A Tattered Page)(990L)
Dress, mask: Pale Empress Usher II Gown [mesh](A Tattered Page)(395L)
Dress, mask: Pale Empress Usher II Mask [mesh](A Tattered Page)(195L)
Eyes: Chop Shop CS! Martians [mesh](A Tattered Page)(150L)
Hair: Exile Windsong, naturals [mesh](Collabor88)(88L)
Choker: Silvery K Choker Lace, gacha [mesh](past, RMK Halloween)(80L)
Eyelashes: Gaeline Mesh Lashes Divina [mesh](180L)
Tattoo: Swanky Almost free freckles (1L)
Lip: Random Matters Chapstick - Crush (130L)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual, bag [mesh](450L)
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body [mesh](1250L)
Pose: R.icielli Fashionista 01 (179L)

Insilico Mars

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STORYLINE: The Great Firebird came, and he would take her away to the stars!

This picture, a retro scifi/romance pulp magazine cover from the 1950s, is my original idea for The Tattered Page Martian Chronicles. The lovely Mrs K is wearing some more goodies from A Tattered Page: The Ylla dress by Senzafine. It comes with main dress and semi-transparent overskirt. She is wearing in her hair the golden spider hairbow by Aftershok. On her arms are the Peregrine masks by Luminary. The right arm is a male mask, and the left is female. For the stylecard on her love interest, see First Contact: Nathaniel York

On Her: Ylla K:
Dress: Senzafine "Ylla" Halter Overskirt, Sheath Skirt [mesh](A Tattered Page)(350L)
Hair Bow: Aftershok Gold spider toy head band (no band)[mesh](A Tattered Page)(50L)
Paldrones: Luminary Peregrine Pauldron  Gold[mesh](A Tattered Page)(150L)
BootsBliensen + MaiTai Kosmonaut Boots -Slink- gold[mesh](A Tattered Page)(329L)
Skin, Slink All Appliers: Fallen Gods Mrs.K +FGInc. (A Tattered Page)(990L)
Eyes: Chop Shop CS! Martians [mesh](A Tattered Page)(150L)
Hair: Exile Windsong, naturals [mesh](Collabor88)(88L)
Eyelashes: Gaeline Mesh Lashes Divina [mesh](180L)
Tattoo: Swanky Almost free freckles (1L)
Lip: Random Matters Chapstick - Crush (130L)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual, bag [mesh](450L)
Body: Slink Physique Mesh Body [mesh](1250L)
Pose: Del May Alley Catch (past group gift)

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