Tuesday, January 20, 2015

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Low Land Impact Mesh Chairs

Over on plurk, we have a Linden Home makeover challenge going on. Also I am searching for pieces from my inventory that might be useful for the mini version of RMK Gothic (coming soon!) The purpose of this post is useful information. It's no frills raw images taken without advanced lighting and shadows with CalWL windlight on a 50% grey background. NOTE: My inventory does not reflect all the content that is available in SL, these are things I have picked up along the way from shopping, gachas, blogging, hunts, and gifts. I have lovely chairs that go beyond 3 LI but since I am looking for Low Impact awesomeness, I will be only showing those.

If any of you have recommendations for great low impact chairs, please let me know it, or make a post too! Or join in with the Linden Home Makeover Challenge! Have fun, live low impact in style!

1 Land Impact Mesh Chairs: (left to right)
One land impact chairs are VERY rare. Here are the few I found in my inventory. Trompe Loeil's Cobble Hill set is pretty much what I use in my own Linden home since it's overstuffed roomy goodness for tall avatars like mine, has a lot of animations, and very low land impact. All chairs here keep their shape even from a good distance away.

Trompe Loeil - Cobble Hill Chair Linen, Male and female, 20 animations
House of Fox - Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh Cosmetic Chair, (past, gacha), Unisex 4 animations
floorplan - aden kitchen chair / mint, Male and female, 8 animations
Breno - Bunny Chair w anim (Lavendar Hunt prize), Male and female, 7 animations
Noctis - Magus Professor's chair, Male and female, 11 animations
Ohmai - Pigpunzel Salon Chairs (Hair Fair gift), Male and female, 4 animations
KGM Design Creation - Marilyn Movie Chair, (Mad City gift), Unisex and female, 6 animations
RH Design House -Wooden chair Postcard Natural, (Japan Fair gift), Unisex 6 animations

2 Land Impact Mesh Chairs, part 1: (left to right)
Can you believe these chairs are only 2 land impact? There are some beautiful designs created by experts who know how to get land impact low without sacrificing too much style.

Dysfunctional Designs - Carved Wooden Throne, (ROMP) Male and Female, Cuddle, Adult, 35 animations
Death Row - ebenezers relaxing chair, (gacha), Unisex and Male, 16 animations
Isil - Europa Chair, Male and female, 28 animations
Aisling - Louarn Chair, Male and Female, Cuddle, 57 animations
Floorplan - throne chair black, Male and Female, Cuddle, Adult, 67 animations
Noctis - Enlightenment Parlour chair, roses (Low LOD), Male and Female, 23 animations
Cheeky Pea - So Gray Chair (Low LOD), Male and Female, 13 animations
22769 [bauwerk] - Graphic Chair Octopus (Low LOD)Male and Female, 16 animations

2 Land Impact Mesh Chairs, part 2: (left to right)
Part two of the 2 land impact chairs shows some traditional and creative styles.

Aisling - Big Wood Chair, (gift)Male and Female, 14 animations
Kalopsia - Leather Chair (Low LOD), Male and Female, Adult, 17 animations
The Loft - La Sina Lounge Chair Grey (Low LOD)Male and Female, Adult, 18 animations
La petite fleur - Halloween BatChair, (RMK Halloween prize), Unisex, 4 pose
Yasum - Desk Chair 7th Advent, (Advent gift), Unisex, 1 animation
Kaotic Distortions - Date to Remember Dining Chair, (Madpeas hunt) Male and Female, 9 animations
DIGS - Engman Chair - Ash, gacha (Low LOD)Male and Female, 6 animations
Death Row - lonely chair green, (gacha)Male and Female, 13 animations
Alouette - Wicker Chair, (gacha)Male and Female, 9 animations
Kusshon - modest victorian chair, (hunt)unisex, 9 animations

3 Land Impact Mesh Chairs, part 1: (left to right)
Now we are at three times the details, and these sets of 3 LI chairs really show put those LIs to good use. Wonderful creations! Note, the Angelic chair used is the Low LOD version but it passed my distance test just fine. On the Mission chair I removed the bonus  pillows, they are not linked to the main chair. And dial M chair is cleverly disguised to barely look like a chair at all!

Artisan Fantasy - *AF* Mission Armchair Set(ROMP) Male and Female, Cuddle, Adult, 19 animations
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Angelic Chair white LOW LODMale and Female, 16 animations
we're CLOSED - dial M chair, (Madpeas hunt), Male and Female, Adult, 30 animations
DIGS - Tenby Deck Chair (gacha), Male and Female, 19 animations
Kalopsia - Red Riding Hood Chair, (Enchantment), Male and Female, 9 animations
MiChiGaNs ShAcK - Revenge Love Throne, Male and Female, Adult, 16 animations, poseball

3 Land Impact Mesh Chairs, part 2: (left to right)
And here's the end of my collection of low impact chairs. I debated about including the last chair on the right because after I got it, I discovered it was ripped from the video game Duke Nukem. BUT since this is an educational post, I included it in a big red box for "NO!" to let you know this chair is stolen content. I don't think the designer who used it knew it was ripped, so I won't include their name. Just stir clear of this chair if you see it. Please support the talented designers of SL who make things for us in SL. They need our love and support. Thanks!

Noctis - Miss Mourning dining chair, Male and Female, Dining, 25 animations
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Pop Art Armchair Pink (Eloquence gift), Unisex , 6 animations
Kuro - Declan chair PG, (ROMP), Male and Female, Cuddles, Vampire, 22 animations
Art Dummy - wintertide chair, snowflake three, (Four Walls hunt) Unisex, 8 animations
22769 ~ [bauwerk] - The Pawn White / Gold (gacha), Unisex, 2 animations
Viona Halim - This tall leather wingback chair is ripped from the video game Duke Nukem Forever. Designer Violna Halim created it. Proof here: http://www.vionahalim.com/gallery.php

P.S. If any one reading this post spots a ripped chair, please let me know about. I try to always avoid ripped stuff. Thanks.

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