Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Gifts 1: Advents

Pictured above:
1 = Alice Project, 2 = Abranimations, 3 = Kinzart
4 = Coepio, 5 = Madpeas Advent, 6 = Advent Courtyard
7 = Storax, 8 = KittyCats, 9 = Ginza Jewelry Kohime

Advents are so addictive!  Everyday racing to get a gift, meeting other people on the advent trail, opening the gifts to see what's inside, followed by shenanigans with your buds who do things like torture your peppermint bat avatar with their voodoo doll. lol. Here's is my handy of list of cool places to visit:

For Everyone: 
22769 Casual Couture - starts Dec 12th - free
Abranimations - daily only - free
Advent Courtyard - search various stores for hunt object Rudolph - can get past days - free
Akaesha - requires group membership, free to join - random prize drops and gift cards - free
CIRCA - requires group membership, 1L to join - free
Chop Zuey - starts Dec 12th - free plus group membership prizes, 350L to join
DarkMoon Creations - daily only - free (accepting donations for UNICEF)
Elephante Poses - starts Dec 12th - free
Kinzart - daily only - free
KittyCats - daily only - free (Note: limit one gift per IP)
Madpeas - get the clue and hunt the gift at Mad City - group required, free to join - can get past days
Storax - free - can get a few past days
Sway's - must search for stars to gain password - daily only
Yasum - group required, free to join - can get past days

For Guys:
Coepio - requires group membership, free to join - daily only
EMO-tions - group required, free to join - daily only (Note: there are girls and guys gifts each day)\
LeCock - daily only - free (Note: adult)

For Girls:
Alice Project - daily only - free plus group membership prizes
Ginza Jewelry Kohime - daily only - free
JCNY - free gifts under tree, plus lucky board gifts
Virtual Impressions - group required, free to join - daily only - free

For a huge list of Advents, go here: Yermawn

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