Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Gifts 2

1 - Death Row - new red group gift boots, & past gifts mask and eyepatch. [mesh] free to join.

2 - Coco - reindeer outfit and past santa bunny avatar. free. [mesh] Also, 50% sale going on.

3 - IKON - new mesh eyes with precise huds control system group gift. [mesh] free to join.

4 - Koowlan - find the gacha machine to win Santa Anime Girl avatar. [mesh] Tote bag festival. free.

5 - Chimeric Arts Mask. Invitation Only Hunt [mesh] free.

6 - LockHearts - steampunk X-mas top hat. REVERIE hoodie. [mesh] Steampunk X-mas Hunt. (1L)

7 - Hanaya - skate cabin that gives out free ice skates. Peace on Earth Hunt #164. [mesh] free.

8 - Mudhoney - metal Christmas tree decoration from the Four Walls hunt. [mesh] (20L)

9 - Breeder's Choice - free Donkey avatar for purchasers of BC mesh horse. [mesh] Also under the tree are a huge number of nice gifts for horse fans. free.

10 - Souled Out - Steam Pirate mask. Steampunk X-mas Hunt. [mesh] (1L)

11 - Vitamen - a goodie for the guys at the Gay Archipelago 2013 'Winter Dreams' Festival. Lots of gifts can found in the stores. Events runs Dec 6 -15th. (Note: adult)
BONUS:  tou-Gen-kyo - for the guys, Santa has a naughty gift under the tree for you. (Note: adult)

12 - Never Totally Dead - lantern. Steampunk X-mas Hunt. [mesh] (1L) Mr Poet - Scarf. free.

Rotten Defiance- Closing sale all store items 10L. past group gifts for girls and guys free.

Designers shown in image above:
Aii, Breeder's Choice, Chimeric, Coco, DEATH ROW, Devin Vaughn, Discord Designs, Fatewear, Fruk, Ginza, Hanaya, HOD, HPMD, IKON, Koowlan, LockHearts, Looking Glass, Mr Poet, Mudhoney, Never Totally Dead, Remarkable Oblivion, Rotten Defiance, Sleepy Eddie, Souled Out, Tableau Vivant, tou-Gen-kyo, Vitamen, Yasyn
Thanks for the santa anime girl tip, BlueSkyBerry!

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