Tuesday, December 24, 2013

RMK Frost Fair: The Ghost of Christmas Past

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STORYLINE: The Ghost of Christmas Past is throwing a party on Christmas Eve and all her friends are invited.

New release Baby Christmas by RokumeikaN is available in red and black at both RMK Frost Fair and Gothmas by Gaslight. It comes with dress and half bonnet.  Matching the dress is a elegant antique collar by Theater Chain. You can play the gacha at RMK Frost Fair and maybe even win the rare blue Blue Christmas! The hairstyle Swirly by Rosy mood is not to be missed. It's perfect lolita style. And there is a limited edition silver for Frost Fair only 30L!

On her, Ghost of Christmas Past:
Dress, Bonnet: RokumeikaN +RMK*Baby Christmas*+red [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair)(450L)
Hair: Rosy mood Swirly - copper [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair) (180L)
Collar: Theater Chain +T*C+Antique Choker - red, gacha [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair)(50L)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui Wanderlust boots - oxblood  [mesh](280L)

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I am crazy for Noctis! Mesh! Gothic! Victorian! Nice Textures! What's not to love? Building this set was a real joy, and I am thankful for my friends who helped me because I'm a bit clueless on decorating. lol. The sweet potatoes you find in the Gacha Gazebo at RMK Frost Fair. The nice holiday fireplace you can find in the Noctis booth at Frost Fair. The wonderful dining set includes everything you need to host a diner party, even drunk poses. lol The Christmas Tree is my kind of tree, the angel on the top is a Gargoyle! Seriously. I have a gargoyle collection in my home. If only the guys weren't heavy, they would look awesome on top of my tree. lol  The octagon rug I picked up at the main Noctis store, it works perfectly with the table.

Setting, Christmas Room:
Table, chairs, food, drink, candle: Noctis Von Scarlet chairs & dining table [mesh] (Gothmas, Sium)(355L)
Christmas Trees: Noctis Gothmas Tree [mesh] (Gothmas, Sium) (155L)
Sweet Potatoes: Noctis mashed yam in bowl, Christmas Spread gatcha [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair)(20L)
Fireplace: Noctis Lilenstil Fireplace Christmas Vendor [mesh] (RMK Frost Fair) (255L)
Rug: Noctis Versailles aubergine octagonal sculpted (55L)


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STORYLINE: Jack Frost was the first to arrive at the party. He tends to be cold, but on Christmas eve, even he melts a little.

The chair set in the back with Jack Frost is the current prize at Madpea's Holiday Havoc hunt. It's awesome. The hall shelf is a hunt gift for the Peace of Earth hunt. The little christmas tree from Gothmas is actually shown here the size it comes in. I scaled it up to be my big christmas trees and it worked out great. The stocking on the wall was gift from by friend Azure and inside it was stuffed with wonderful gacha goodies including cute pair of Bastet statues. So epic! Love! Thank you!

Shelf, hat, mirror, umbrella: Noctis [mesh] (POE hunt)(free)
Chair, books, floorlamp, rug, sidetable: Noctis Baron Von Scarlet [mesh] (Madpeas Holiday Havoc)(free)
Stocking: LISP Rumplestiltskin Christmas Stockings Warm Reds (75L)


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The shelf, mini tree, and gifts are Advent gifts day 24 at Madpeas.  The cabin is from the current round of Collabo88.  It looks wonderful and has a very cool style, but me and all my friends all struggle to move around it. To fix it, I enlarged the cabin and made most of it phantom. 

Shelf, tree, gifts: Noctis Lilienstil christmas table and tree [mesh] (Madpeas Advent day 24) (free)
Cabin: Scarlet Creative The Trilby Dacha Box Set [mesh] (Collabor88) (488L)
Pictures: Noctis Framed Vintage Tiles 2 (35L)

Okay. I'm off to spend Christmas Eve with friends and family!
Merry Gothmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Thanks for your help decorating the cabin, Azure and Aarya!

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