Saturday, September 13, 2014

Campus Royal

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STORYLINE: If he had his way, he would stay in his posh royal bed, sipping blood wine, instead of braving the daylight, fangirls, and pompous professors who have no respect for the crown. It was dull. However, he rather enjoyed strolls in the shadow of the cathedral. No one bothered him there. He wasn't exactly sure why. The rumors the old place was haunted couldn't possibly be true, could it?

Did you pick up this awesome Fratboy suit by Swagga at 24 Squared? No? You better run! This sweet schoolboy outfit is a Limited Edition! Once its sold out, it's gone for good. Run Run, 24 closes tonight. There is a Light and Dark version. It comes with jacket and shirt, or just shirt, tie, and pants. It includes a texture change hud for the shirt color, tie, and belt. For the princely style is the new King hair by Ayashi. You can pick up at the Kings & Queen event. It comes with a materials enabled crown, and also a separate crown you can wear with any hair. The crown is mod so you can tint it. The beautifully crafted satchel is by David Heather. The bags come in either hippo or puppy, and has many different leather texture options. The bag comes rigged, non rigged, and has a pose trigger. The Wingtip shoes by Deco I love and they often come in handy. I am really loving the Echo skin by Tableau Vivant. If you missed it on sale, don't worry you can find it on the 2nd floor of the Tableau Vivant mainstore.

On Him:
Hair: Ayashi King hair-Blond set [mesh](Kings & Queens) (250L)
Shirt, tie, jacket, pants: Swagga Fratboy Suit Dark [mesh](24 squared)(499L)
Bag: David Heather Kababagga Satchel/Unrigged/Grey [mesh](300L)
Shoes, socks: DECO Wingtip Shoe Medium - Coal [mesh] (250L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax [mesh](450L)
Eyes: IKON Hope eyes [mesh] (group gift, free)
Skin, Applier: Tableau Vivant Mort Vivant dark (990L)

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