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The Dark Circus 3: Puppet

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STORYLINE: Finding good performers for the circus is hard to do these days, unless you happen to be a gifted necromancer like the Ringmaster.

I'm Mad mad mad for 7 Mad Ravens! Almost everything in the outfit above is M7R!  Don't miss out on  7 Mad Raven deals at the Thrift Shop this round. The Creep You Out creepers Punked Out V-neck Top (see below), and Body Bind are all on discount at the Thrift Shop. Over at Totally Top Shelf has a wonderfully wicked Carnival theme for all your Evil Carnie needs. I love the 7 Mad Raven Freakshow Ticket and Eyeballs Popcorn rings. Over at the main store, you pick up these badass Bat Wing Neons. They flicker and glow sporadically, and make funny comments in local chat. They're from the Neons gacha, and you can win several styles. The Gullillotine necklace comes in bloody and clean and works for girls and guys. The Crash Jeans Heavy Grunge are wonderfully textured like you've been rolling around under cars in a mechanic shop for weeks. lol The Jacket is really cool shape, short in the front and long in the back. You can pick it up in several different colors. And the last of the 7 Mad Raven goodies is this badass Devil's Waitin' Fedora. It comes with a texture hud to switch out the hat band and metal stud colors.

On Him, The Ringmaster:
Top: 7mad;Ravens Punked Out Top-V1[mesh] (Thrift Shop)(75L)
Shoes: 7mad;Ravens Creep You Out - Red [mesh] (Thrift Shop) (100L)
Undershirt: 7mad;Ravens Body Bind (Thrift Shop) (80L)
Ring: 7mad;Ravens Ticket Stub Ring [mesh] (Totally Top Shelf)(200L)
Necklace: 7mad;Ravenss Bloody Guillotine Necklace [mesh] (150L)
Pants: 7mad;Ravens Crash Jeans-Heavy Grunge [mesh] (189L)
Hat: 7mad;Ravenss Devil's Waitin' Fedora [mesh](199L) 
Wings: 7mad;Ravens NeonWings-Bat, gacha [mesh] (70L)
Jacket: 7mad;Ravens Shinedown-Red [mesh] (150L)
CuffsBLITZED Legacy Cuffs - black [mesh] (299L)
Hairbase: Action Hair Base 04 Veganic - Snow (107L)
Applier tattoo: Clemmm Damaged Hands (99L)
Nail Polish: By Snow Fashionable Black applier for Slink hands (1L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax [mesh](450L)
Appliers: Koolqa Knight - Slink Appliers HANDS, Feet (100L each)
Ears: Trap Vampire Ears [mesh](200L)
Skin: Kooqla Knight of Rose - silver (990L)

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STORYLINE: Finding good performers for the circus is hard to do these days, unless you happen to be gifted in the dark arts like the RingMaster.

I went crazy with this set, the idea being Carnival Cemetery. lol The Undead Puppet is played by Kariritaisho. She is showing the lovely Sugar Garden Head mesh head with gothic makeup. Her hair is cute braided updo with bow by Sweet Things. You can pick it up at the Kings and Queens fair. While you are there, drop by Dollle's for the this interesting umbrella-like Farthingale dress. Her Ballerina ribbons are by Bacio, stockings by Cannibelle. The Puppeteer pose is one she won at the WetCat gacha.

Now let me tell you some more about this setting. Twisted hunters are in a very nice treat, Death Row had created a spooky cool mesh Carousel! It spins and you can sit on horses or the booth. Fantastic gift! Thank you!  The Open Raven Tomb and the Dearly Departed grave series are all new releases by Noctis. You have edit permissions so you can move things around if you need. The tomb comes with poses, lighting, and creepy ground fog. I love Noctis so much, the textures are so nice and create perfect ambience. Adding to the scene, is the Contraption Dulci'matic from the current round of The Arcade. I love these music boxes too. Next to it is the Sess Tester game by Theosophy at The Arcade.  Behind it, is the game Whack-a-Noob by Weather or Not and I'm happy to report they have returned to SecondLife! Just follow the link on the stylecard below to go to the new store location. Welcome back <!WorN?> In the back is the Madame Zola's Fortune teller set by Noctis, this is an oldie but a goodie and comes with poses too. The others tents are by Gothic Desires and come some adult animations, it was prize from a past Twisted Hunt. Be sure to do the Twisted Hunt this round, it's theme is Time Warp, it means all colors and past themes this time. The amount of prizes are staggering! Go have some fun, gang!

On Her, The Puppet:
Hair: Sweet Thing Catherine Hair [mesh](Kings & Queens)(249L)
Dress: Dollle 052 Farthingale Outfit - Black [mesh](Kings & Queens)
Head: The Sugar Garden Tsu Mesh Head B Tone [mesh]
Stockings applier: Cannibelle Charmed suspender tights
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - High [mesh](675L)
Shoes: Bacio Ballerina Slink High [mesh](129L)
Eyes: Adored siren eyes - unreal (90L)
Eyelashes, eyeliner: Gaeline Creations Mesh Lashes Divina [mesh] (180L)
Pose: WetCat "Puppeteer" #1, gacha

Setting, The Dark Carnie Camp:
Carousel: Death Row twisted hunt GIFT carousel [mesh](Twisted Hunt)
Music Box: Contraption Dulci'matic: The Children RARE, gacha [mesh] (The Arcade)
Game 1: Theosophy Sass Tester, gacha [mesh](The Arcade)
Game 2: Weather or Not <!WorN?> Whack-a-Noob Game [mesh]
Tomb: Noctis Open raven tomb with candles [mesh] (155L)
Grave: Noctis Dearly departed gravesite with dying roses #1 [mesh](155L)
Grave: Noctis Dearly departed gravesite with dying roses #2 [mesh](155L)
Grave: Noctis Dearly departed gravesite with dying roses #3 [mesh](155L)
Grave: Noctis Dearly departed gravesite with dying roses #4 [mesh](155L)
Fortune Teller Tent: Noctis Madame Zola's Fortune teller set (275L)
Tents: Gothic Desires Circus sex tent (past, Twisted Hunt)
Thanks for your help Kariritaisho!

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