Friday, April 26, 2013

News Event: Fantasy Faire

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Fantasy Faire is an awe inspiring charity event for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. 12 breath taking sims. Each stuffed full of cool items for sale. Silent and live auctions. And get this, there is even a MadPeas hunt, the Key of Hope Hunt. Even if fantasy is not your thing, you have to see it. Trust me on this on one. You'll met some nice people there, but the Faire lasts only one week. Yes you heard that right, all these amazing builds and it ends so soon like a butterfly that lives only a few days. Fantasy Faire ends April 28.

On the picture above. I am wearing one of the two outfits for sale at Fantasy Faire by FateWear. It's a total outfit including the boots and comes with or without the cloak. Wasabi pills has released a cool new long hair style for men at the Faire. The eyes I am wearing are a new release at the Gallery Gift Shop from Tableau Vivant. These eyes have an otherworldly look, perfect for Fantasy characters. The bow and arrow is by GTS. It can shoot a poison, smoke, or flaming arrow, set your friends on fire in a fire trap. It also shoots a grappling hook. Once the arrow is embedded into whatever you wish to scale, you grab the rope and shimmy on up. Wicked cool. GTS is also at the Fantasy Faire. And I have for tip for you too, there are even some great freebies at their main store: the Daredevil BowHoly Sword, and Short and Long Kilt.

On the inset pictures, you can see the wizard outfit also by Fatewear. The next two pictures are from Garden of Dreams. The Airship is 32 prim and flyable! Normally priced 1500L, on sale at the faire for 200L. And the library is a set I have been drooling on. When I saw it was for sale at the fair for only 400L when it's normally 2500L, I zipped over there really fast! lol The next picture shows free skins at the fair for male and female in two colors. If the sims are laggy, wear those and giggle about being almost nude as you steak through the forests. Have fun Streakers!

On Him:
Outfit, shoes, cloak: Fateware Feredir - Forest (Fantasy Faire Titans Hallow) [mesh] (300L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Erik - Blacks Pack (Fantasy Faire Magnificat) [mesh] (250L)
Weapon: GTS Weapons [GTS] Bad Arse Bow (850L) Daredevil Bow (free)
Eyes: Tableau Vivant Galaxy eyes - Mars [mesh] (The Gallery Gift Shop)(75L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin - Tone 01 / D (990L)
Location: Fantasy Faire Fairelands Junction

Inset: (top to bottom)
Fateware at Titans Hallow Ithron - Wind [mesh] (300L)
Garden of Dreams at Lumenaria The Airship (200L) Sale
Garden of Dreams at Lumenaria The Library (400L) Sale
Plastik at Fairelands Junction :[P]:-Fantasy Faire Low Lag Avatar- Mermaid (free)
Plastik at Fairelands Junction :[P]:-Fantasy Faire Low Lag Avatar- Khulthi (free)
GTS Weapons Daredevil Bow  (free)
GTS Weapons Short Kilt (free)

UPDATE:  I have good news, Madpea's Key of Hope Hunt, part one is being extended to April 29th! I have successfully completed it, the prizes are amazing! There's still enough time to get your hud and start hunting! There was a technical problem with Part 2, so it has been delayed a few days. Part 2 will run until the middle of May.

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