Saturday, April 6, 2013

You oughta be in pictures... Event Hollywood Swag Bags!

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Event Hollywood has 80 stores, and inside each one is a red SwagBag, (just like the stars get on Oscars Day!) Take your time browsing around. There are some cool things for sale for men, including famous characters from the movies. The sim is very busy at every time of day. Go as low lag as possible. I already went through the place with a fine comb twice, so I can tell you where all the goodies are. One swag bag location on the list below I couldn't find. (I think the store name is different from the bag name.) Have fun! Event ends April 14th.

On Him:
Hat: SF design Brando Cap with color change (Event Hollywood)(free)
Shades: Gabriel ::GB::Zebra Sunglasses white [mesh] (Event Hollywood)(free)
Hair: Drot The Kenji - silver (tinted) (200L)
Earring: Mandala Soul Ear Piercing, face piercing, necklace - black (397L)

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On Him, black and green, left:
shirt: Red Sand Bling My Song Tee black [mesh]
shorts: Black Label Menswear Boxer Briefs emerald [mesh]

On Him, blue and white, center left:
shirt: Black Label Menswear Men's Polo Blue and White [mesh]
pants: Red Sand Cosmo Skinny Pant Silver [mesh]

On Him, navy and grey, center right:
shirt, jeans, shoes: Hawkers House Gentleman Jack jean faded, hoodie, slip-ons [mesh]
eyes: Birth Shiva Eyes - brown

On Him, orange and camouflage, right:
shorts: Vitamen BasicLongBoxerBriefs_ButtonFly
skin: Evian Alessandro Pale with Vividtone
shirt: Leri Miles Designs Beach Bum Shirt Orange [mesh]
bracelet: House of Dragovar Men's Tower Bracelet gold, steel
necklace: Graffitiwear Feathered Mayan Pendant
eyes: Amacci Branch Image Eyes - green

Swag Bags for the Guys:
SF design Brando Cap with color change 
GlamDammit Charcoal jeans, Movie Tee [mesh]
Adjuct Seeing Stars Eyes
Leri Miles Designs Beach Bum Shirt Orange [mesh]
Humanoid Ayane dance
69 Park Ave James Dean - Urban Tee [mesh]

For Evian, Maverick Design, Amacci, RedSand, and Pekas gifts see Nico's post here:  Hollywood Gifts
For the Charlie Chaplin avatar by SF Design, see Yves's post here: Stars of the Silver Screen

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