Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Madness Fair at MadPea Carneval

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Madness Fair at MadPea Carneval goes until April 27. Walk around the midway and scoop up some some nice deals. No item is priced over 150L. For instance, the Death Row rigged combat boot fatpack  normally sells for 1999L but you can snag it at the fair for 150L! Madness!

Participating stores in Madness Fair are:
MadPea Store, Collisions, The Elegant Goth, Photon Pink’s, Even.Flow, FlutterBee, Impish, Death Row Designs, The Cube – Art Gallery, Almost Wonderland, Van’s Armory, Distorted Dreams, Michigans Shack, Dwarfins, Never Totally Dead, Lyrical B!zarre, Rerum, Oceania Breedables, {MV}, Shey, WetCat, ^Wicked Sin Creations^, Lok’s Low Prim Furniture, Sepph, Chaos, Panic & Disorder, Carries Lingerie
On Her:
Dress: Death Row Designs stp dress2 small black [mesh] (MadPea Carneval) (150L) Sale 
Boots: Death Row Designs stp boots small black [mesh] (MadPea Carneval) (150L) Sale 
Weapon: D-Z Guns D-Z Tesla Ray-Rifle 1.5 (1200L)
Hair: Curio Obscura Stackable Hairstyle Little Birdcages RARE [mesh] (past The Arcade)
Glasses: Contraption The Tinkerer's Glasses [mesh] (past The Arcade)
Hairpin: LWL Charged-up Dragonfly [mesh] (past The Arcade)
Skin: Glam Affair Laurel 04 BL (past The Arcade)
Stockings: Erratic patterned stockings stripes - black (past Fifty Linden Friday)(150L)

Pictured on the left is a great new steampunk theme outfit and shoes for the ladies from Death Row which you can also get for 150L at Madness Fair. She is also showing off some great things from March Arcade round: Curio Obscura Rare Stackable hair and Contraption Tinkerer's Glasses, great Glam Affair skin Laurel, and the cool LWL electric dragonfly. But I know you all have a burning question, "Where can I get that awesome Steampunk rifle??!!!" It's a DZ-Gun. My favorite bullet shoots plasma, but it's also fun to trap your friends in a Tesla cages. lol The gun is beautifully made and comes with special bullets, smoke screens, push, orbit, nukes, you name it. Sweet Steamy Goodness.

On Him:
Vest: Redrum Denim Vest Mens Goth M [mesh] (MadPea Carneval) (99L) Sale 
Necklace: Chaos, Panic, and Disorder Rocker Dude Necklace (MadPea Carneval) (79L) Sale 
Tattoo: B*FLY Pink Koi Tattoo - New Ink (Pink Fusion #45)(5L)
Shades: Rozoregalia Aquila Sunglasses No.7 Bk (400L)
Bag: SEY GuitarBag/B Guys (350L)
Hair: 1st Act Fair Play - lightning (tinted) (lucky board)(free)
Shoes: JilRoxy Grid Walker Boots Black [mesh] (750L)
Jeans: Ronsem Straight Jeans / jetblack male [mesh] (350L)
Belt: BLITZED Legacy Belt - black (220L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin - tone 01 (990L)

On the right, I am wearing the denim jacket by Redrum from Madness Fair that has all the classic Goth bands I love. (Oh yes, I snagged it faster than you can say, "Bela Lugosi's Dead"). I am also wearing another great Madness Fair find, Rocker Dude Necklace by Chaos Panic and Disorder. The hair is from the 1st Act lucky boards, and I turned up the volume by tinting it for a more intense fuscia. Matching the hair is badass black and pink koi tattoo from the Pink Fusion hunt. The hunt ends April 20th. I am wearing my favorite jeans by Ronsem, and the shoes are rigged mesh boots by JilRoxy.


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