Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kawaii Fair

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Kawaii means Cute or Adorable in Japanese. And you don't have to be a child, or a girl to enjoy Kawaii. I'm at Kawaii Fair right now.  It's ending, but these things are still available.  Scroll down for my masterlist of links. Use these shortcuts to score loot super fast!!!

On Him, left:
Mask: Epic Neo Anime Mouth Mask gacha, Leo Pink [mesh] (Kawaii Fair) (35L)
Pants: Cut -N- Draw Cargo 3/4 black [mesh] (325L)
Jacket: Cut -N- Draw vest jacket, Fatpack [mesh] (1050L)
Hat: Dollle Summer Sun Hat [mesh] (Kawaii Fair) (10L)
Slippers: Dollle Bunny slippers, black [mesh] (Kawaii Fair) (1L)
Skin: Tellaq Keane style 6 (1500L)

On Her, center:
Pajamas, tattoo cheeks: PopTart PikaBunny jammies, shoes, tattoo [mesh] (Kawaii Fair)(free)
Tattoo chest: AnnaA Burning heart tattoo (Kawaii Fair) (free)
Skin: Modish ZuliDay Sunkiss (Kawaii Fair) (10L)

On Him:
Mask: Epic Neo Anime Mouth Mask gacha, purple [mesh] (Kawaii Fair)(35L)
Pants: Cut -N- Draw Cargo short white [mesh] (325L)
Shirt: Paradise kiss Ren shirt-blue [mesh] (399L)
Eyes: Tableau Vivant Galaxy eyes - Earth [mesh] (The Gallery Gift Shop)(75L)
Bracelets: Phoebe Piercings Men and Women Bracelets, color change (Kawaii Fair)(10L)
Nommie: MDL Mr Pipe with fruit or cupcake (Kawaii Fair) 50L
Hair: COLORS 49 Light Red (100L)
Stocking: Rotten Toe !RT!:: Skeleton Tights Fatback (25L)
Tattoo arm: MDL Kawaii Tattoo (Kawaii Fair) (10L)
Cheeks: Blah My Super Kawaii Mesh Blush [mesh] (Kawaii Fair) (10L)
Goggles: Epic Kawaii Goggles gacha, red [mesh] (Kawaii Fair) (50L)
Prop: Evilkyoot Kawaii Cloud, texture and mood change (Kawaii Fair) (10L)
Ring: Ozi DOMO Rings, brown and purple (Kawaii Fair) (10L)
Tote and shoes: MDL PacMan Bag and Converse (Kawaii Fair) (75L)
Shoulder Pet: Oceania Kawaii Happy Octopus Plushie (Kawaii Fair)(free)
Necklace: FreakyDesign Freaky Kitteh necklace (Kawaii Fair) (free)

Freebies & Dollarbies for Guys:
Dollle Bunny slippers, white blue pink and black [mesh] for girls, but too fun to pass up(1L)
Poptart PikaBunny jammies, shoes, tattoo (mesh jammie made for girls) [mesh] (free)
Oceania Ballon game (free)  Purple whale plushie [mesh] (group gift)(free)
MDL Donut Glasses, Necklace Angel/Demon (1L)
Chibi Sekai Bat backpack (free)
Lavanda Cat Coin Purse (1L)
AnnaA Burning heart tattoo (free)
Just You Jewels Kawai - Save a Lollipop (1L)
FreakyDesign Freaky Kitteh necklace (free)
SugarButton Boutique Kawaii Munched popsicle -blueberry mix Super, crown (free)
Princess Bizare Polaroid nommie (you can change to your own snapshot) (free)

Bizaare Kawaii - nothing over 10 lindens
Blah My Super Kawaii Mesh Blush [mesh] (10L)
Ozi DOMO Rings, brown and purple (10L)
Phoebe Piercings Men and Women Bracelets, color change (10L)
Evilkyoot Kawaii Cloud, texture and mood change (10L)
MDL Diver Kawaii Tattoo (10L)
Dollle Summer Sun Hat [mesh] (10L)
Dollle Rabbit Ears Head Band [mesh] (10L)

Cool Things for Guys:  Check these out!  Dev Rec's of fun Kawaii style for guys! 
Epic Neo Anime Mouth Mask gacha, 26 colors [mesh] (35L)
Epic Kawaii glitter glam kicks, 8 colors [mesh] (169L)
Epic Kawaii Hazard Skateboard, 9 colors [mesh] (299L)
Epic Leopard Space Star Guitar, playable and backpack, 8 colors [mesh] (299L)
Evilkyool Kawaii Hats bear, Frog, Koala, Panda [mesh] (150L)
Strawberry Jam Noseclips (check out the fun classroom store)(35L)
SS  Color change hitop [mesh] (150L)
MDL PacMan Bag and Converse (75L)
MDL Bunny and Cat bags (150L)
AnnA Femboy shape Linus (299) Skin (499L)
Retro Ribbon Tie (made for girls, resize menu) [mesh]
Thanks for your help, Nedar and Voodie!


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