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RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt: The Madhatter

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STORYLINE: Alice lurked around the Queen of Heart's castle. She overheard two guards talking about catching the mole "tallHat." Without a second thought, she snuck into Queen's dungeon to rescue him. After all, this was her fault. He was the one who smuggled information to her. He was the one who challenged her to come in person and see for herself. "Do you understand now Alice, why I want to leave Wonderland?" tallHat breathed. "The soldiers are crazy. The queen is crazy. The cats are crazy. The bunnies are crazy. The only sane soul in Wonderland is myself. I only pretend to be crazy, it's everyone else who is truly mad."

Hunt prize NV tartan pants come in male and female sizes with fun decorative heart and spades elements. The Blue Blood hunt prize comes with two different texture styles. If you have been out on the RMK Gothic sim and seen a really cool flying cards and clock effect when someone types, that is the Theater Chain gacha. Everyone who sees this loves it! There are different colors and clock faces for each of the main Alice in Wonderland characters plus secret rares in the gacha. I highly recommend. *thumbs up*

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On him, Mad Madhatter:
Pants: [NV] Jah pants male and female [mesh] (Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt #12)(free)
Shirt: ::K:: Bow-Tie Shirt Garnet [mesh] (200L)
Jacket: chronokit Fabre Jacket Black [mesh] (300L)
Gloves: FATEwear Gloves - George (tint added) [mesh] (300L)
Belt: BLITZED Plugged Belt - no bag male shape (295L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Magician Hair - Iceberg (250L)
Shoes: Death Row Designs DRDOLL bozo shoes red (150L / 128L)
Typing Effect: Theater Chain +T*C+Queen of Hearts01 (red) (gacha) (30L)

On Her, Alice dungeon:
Dress: Blue Blood Drink Me Option 2 (2 dress styles) [mesh] (Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt #5)(free)
Shoes: Dark Midday Design "Chubbits" Chunky Lolita Shoes +Socks White [mesh] (165L)
Hair: Lo'Momo Matthiola with color change bow and 2 bang styles (120L)

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STORYLINE: A year later, Alice helped tallHat create a new identity,"Lewis Carroll," and settle down in London. He continues to make hats, albiet in different style from his old trademark top hat. Alice is still Alice but she left investigative journalism. With the help of her former informant, she penned a fictional story about Wonderland. When her new boyfriend comes to visit, she wears a little something extra special just for him.  - the end - 

Alice is wearing sweet intimates from RoA in the Alice theme. It also comes with a black hairbow (not shown). The book prop she is holding is fantastic. It's made by Down Down Down and comes in normal, AFK, and decoration versions. I showing the Quandary flat Irish cap currently available at Buddy walk (ends March 31st), and there is a version with hair is at the Epicosity Spring Fling (ends April 3rd). If you haven't already lost your shirt at The Arcade run down there fast and try your luck with Tableau Vivant backpack gacha. These bags are gorgeous. The Zebra is my favorite. The Cardigen I am wearing is from Paradise Kiss and it's beautifully made. It moves perfectly and fits perfectly and comes with texture change hud. The pants I am wearing are from Cut - N- Draw and they have super chains at the waist and British Flag in denim on the back pockets.

On Him:
Cap: Quandary Irish Flat Cap [mesh] (Spring Fling)(with hair 250L) (Buddy Walk)(200L)
Backpack: Tableau Vivant Backpack - Black [mesh] (The Arcade)
Cardigan: Paradise Kiss Nil-mesh cardigan-red [mesh] (299L)
Pants: Cut -N- Draw jeans black [mesh] (350L)

On Her:
Undergarments, bow: RoA Eat Me<3 Lingerie (Alice) (Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt #26)(free)
Prop: Down Down Down DDD_Fairy tale Book_Alice [mesh] (Alice in RMK Bunny Hunt #17)(free)
Cardigan: Mr Poet Bat sleeve knit coat [mesh] (free)
Fulli, its been a wonderful year of making fun & cool images. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!


  1. Very nice pictures and story, i like a lot :).

  2. Thank you Nedar! ^^
    It was HUGE undertaking, I hope readers enjoyed it. :3


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