Tuesday, March 5, 2013

News Report: Groups Gifts and Freebies 10

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1) ::K:: Super Skinny Multi-Mix, ::K:: Super Skinny Plain-Turquoise [mesh] (free)
2) YDEA Mayo Men gift (group gift)(free)
3) Colors Free D fatpack, Gift fatpack, Gift C fatpack, Free A fatpack (free)
4) Ayashi Kaname-March and Jasmina-March [mesh] (group gift)(free)
5) IKON Lucid Eyes - Machine (group gift, this week only)(free)
6) Pekas LongMan brown (group gift)(free)
7) Tableau Vivant Meggings [mesh] (Freestyle) (free)
8) Crickets "Jax" Mesh Outfit [mesh] (group gift, 50L to join)(free)
9) F*cking Ninjas Deathless - part of the Vampire Series (group gift)(free)
10) Never Totally Dead The Old Shelve [mesh] (group gift)(free)

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