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Headhunters of Danger Island

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STORYLINE: Every year vacationers flock to the South Pacific to relax among the swaying palm trees and crashing waves on white sand beaches. But not every island relishes tourists. Islands like "Danger" got their name by honest means. The natives of Danger Island would rather stick a head on a pole than a little parasol in a Pineapple Daiquiri. Some places just aren't worth loosing your head over. 

The Arena is back! For those new to The Arena, it's A Male Only Fantasy Event produced by the same folks behind the wonderful Fantasy Gacha. There are lots of cool new original fantasy creations just for the guys, don't miss it!  Shown above is the Headhunter kit by Swagga. It comes with a cool claw necklace and shrunken skulls back staff. The kilt is also by Swagga, The Outworlder Wrap. It comes in sizes for the default avatar and The Mesh Project. It was not problem getting it to fit the Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body. The Bone chair throne is by  Pucca Firecaster. The Awkward hair by Magika is a style that can totally work on a guy. The eye makeup is by Lovely Disarray.

On Him, the Headhunter:
Necklace, Staff: SWaGGa The Head Hunter - Necklace, Spine [mesh](The Arena)(249L)
Kilt: SWaGGa OutWorlder Wrap [mesh](249L)
Hair: Magika Awkward [mesh](250L)
Eye makeup: Lovely Disarray Haunted Souls : Eye Shadow & Left Tear (140L)
Lip: WoW Skins Arisa LipGloss (99L)
Oil: NMJ Group NMJ BodyOil Male Tattoo Ver1 (150L)
Eye: IKON Sovereign Eyes Field [mesh] (150L)
Skin face: Tableau Vivant Alyx Skin - Tone 07 - no brows (990L)
Body: Niramyth AESTHETIC - Foot, Hand, Lower Body, Upper Body, Skin [mesh](2799L)
Prop: Pucca Firecaster Bone Throne - bloody [mesh](350L)
Pose: yzk mens pose2-7 (10L)
Poses: oOo Studio Circus Contortionist poses

Location: The Bay

Oh, by the way, Notice anything new? *flexes muscles*

I got a new toy, the Niramyth Aesthetic Mesh body. It's available as a trial until the full release some time in the future. It's fitted mesh, comes with a matching head, 2 skin tones (for mesh and default avatar), a skin tint hud with alphas for the body, a mocap AO, eyes, several hand pose options, body and face hair options, and clothing layer jeans and tank tops with a bonus developer kit for tattoo and clothing. It will take Omega appliers for clothing but not skin since Niramyth has a different UV map then the default avatar. You can detach the upper or lower parts to fit regular clothing, and there are mesh clothing items coming out that are shaped to fit it's body. There is no demo since it's still under development. Updates will be send to all who buy the trial.  ... Another interesting thing I found is tattoos can be full bright and glow. Nails can be tinted darker. The skin has materials to enhance the veins and texture. It's a beautifully created mesh body with attention to detail and realism. I do have one complaint however, the skin. It's amazingly detailed but has a flaw of excessive contrast, imho. (by that I mean the shadow areas are too dark and it creates a "dirty" look especially sides of the torso and on the lower legs which are much darker then the upper body). I found adding a tint to the body helps tone down the brightness of the highlights. That means best looking skintones start at medium and go darker. Fantasy colors really look great. But sadly, there are no possibilities for vampire or an undead look, its just too dark for that. However, the good news is there will be skin add-ons you can buy in the future, and even new mesh heads. (I hope there will be 3rd party skin appliers too.) To get my Tableau Vivant skin to match the Niramyth body I used a lot of fancy tricks like: tinting the mesh body darker, adding to the face tattoo shadow, a tattoo skin tint, eye makup, and then highlights for the face and lips. ... Also, You can wear the The Mesh Project Head with the Niramyth body, however I found it far more difficult to match the skins between the head and body.

While chatting on plurk, pose maker Olaenka wondered how the different male bodies would pose. So I did a pose test. Shown above are straight no-frills screen caps of my character in: the Default male, The Mesh Project male, and the Niramyth male. The Circus Contortionist poses for the pose test are provided by oOo Studio.

UPDATE: I emailed the designer of Niramyth Aesthetic Mesh body with some questions. Here are his replies:

1) Will there be 3rd party skin appliers? 

    We are trying to finished up the system of the first version body (Enzo and Smith) then we will provide the "complete" devkit for HD-skin (HD-skin is what we call our skin template) for skin designers and modders to work on skin appliers for our bodies. We are going to make normal size body with less muscularity look and they all will share the same skin template as the current version body.

2) Or will there be a pale option for vampire/undead/japanese style? (and how long is the wait?)

    That could be possible. If the body is finished then the extra skins will not take long. I think I can make that in a week or couple weeks (after the devkit is finished) but it will not be only me to be able to make it.

3) Will new mesh heads include expressions? (Men desperately need an expressive male mesh head.)

    That could be possible as well but it will need little more time to develop it and it will not be a free update because it is a completely new story than the mesh body.

For more information about other body shapes in development, mesh heads, and other add-ons, go to:!version-updates/c9mn

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