Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Night Troops: The Vampire Squids

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STORYLINE: Unknown to the world were Vampires who long ago sought protection below the waves. During the day, they hid in the depths, but when the sun sank below the horizon, they rose up and struck their prey without mercy. They are mistaken by humans for many kinds of mythical creature from the water horse to the sirens. They were loyal to Kaiser Kruel for he had given them the technology to build amazing steam powered submarines and underwater cities. Once more Kruel summoned his secret navy to attack his enemies.

Clockwork Spiral ends today. It's last chance you can snap up the many creative steam and diesel style themed items for a good cause, The National Kidney Foundation. I have been amazed and inspired by the creatively, I hope you all have too! I wanted to show you a few more things. This ring by Unrepentant has materials and looks nice and slimy. Also slimy in the Steam Submarine from Barerose in the background. It's something you can win while camping out. The Papermoon Machine Shop coveralls have dirt and grime on them, perfect for our hardworking Squid Mechanic. His goggles are by Songbird. You can change lens colors. The steam powered armory is part of the Arcane Finery outfit by Immateria. Fans of Attack on Titan might recognize this pose, it was a gift from Edelweiss awhile back.

On him, Vampire Squid:
Outfit: Papermoon Machine Shop Coveralls - Grey/Dirty [mesh](A Clockwork Spiral)(350L) 50% donation
Ring: Unrepentant [UN] The Deep Bronze - Av Hands [mesh](A Clockwork Spiral)(199L)
Armor: ImmateriA Arcane Finery - Soot [mesh](A Clockwork Spiral)(300L) 50% donation
Goggles: SongBird Engineer Goggles : Gun Metal [mesh](A Clockwork Spiral)(525L) 50% donation
Nail Polish: By Snow Nightshade Flesh I (25L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax [mesh](450L)
Ears: Trap Vampire Ears [mesh](200L)
Hair: Damselfly Declan Non-Rigged , Mixed pack [mesh]
Eyes: Nocturnal Couture Bold Gaze_Mesh Eyeball [mesh]
Skin, tattoo, appliers: Pink Fuel Drow Night - Pure
Transport: BareRose Steam Submarine (raffle, free)
Pose: Edelweiss Corps salute

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STORYLINE: Kaiser Kruel demanded his engineers create a steam-powered super solider to crush the rebellion while they slept.

Have you seen these amazing complete avatar robots from Fallen Gods? They are phenomenal! There are now three sets of robots, and each one has both male and female. The latest one just released is military one themed. Love it!

On Him, R.U.L.K.
Complete Avatar: Fallen Gods R.U.L.K. outfit [mesh] (A Clockwork Spiral)(1200L)
Pose: Apple Spice

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