Wednesday, October 29, 2014

RMK Halloween: The Magical Academy 3

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STORYLINE: Not all denizens of the Ghost Academy were friendly. In fact, one of them was positively icy. It was not without irony that just when Royal Magician Razorback warmed up to the beguiling Witch of the Fields, she spurned his affections. He conjured particularly nasty curse on her using rare herbs harvested from her own fields. It's no exaggeration to say, Hell hath no fury like a warlock scorned.

Halloween is almost here, it's best time of the year with so many awesome new releases! I have some cool things to show you. First, I love Cyber Scythe by A & Y. It's fantastic and comes with a texture change hud to change it's many parts and it also takes custom tints. The Nehtar outfit by FATEplay comes with tunic, armor, pants, and boots. The armor has materials on it so it looks really cool with advanced lighting turned on. I tinted the red areas for a deeper shade of red. Tableau Vivant's Mystic Hair is another great TV long hair for guys. It works great under hats, and you can get all the new cool colors huds for it too. This one is a brown that ends in crimson tips. Awesome. Love all these new colors. Neverwish's Wicked Hat matches the RMK Halloween Dream Gacha broom prize. You can find the hat at Gacha Mania. This one is the rare and I tinted the hat band to match the outfit. The Nightmare gloved by Death Row are part from the TAG Gacha, as well as the Minotaur head on the ground. I'm happy to tell you Lovely Disarray is back and teamed up with Anatomy for a collection at the Body Mod Expo. The Delusion Eyes Sanguine & Sleepless makeup are great! I love darkness around the eyes. The Paine Piercing by Anatomy look cool combined with the face piercing mask by Goth1c0. You can pick it up at the Androgyny round of Genre. The Auxiliary Chest Belt sash is by Epia and has a raven on the buckle. Touch it and you can change texture color. The Abdomen Belt by Dark Prophet Designs has a cyber honeycomb pattern. You may need to edit your shape for the best fit. These wonderful Regent boots by Exalted I love so much come with the Regent outfit. The book, raven, and pose are by Uncertain Smile and you buy it at the RMK Halloween market on main street as well as the Spells and Hexes supply Kit by Souzou Eien. The toy boar mount by Culprit is from the TAG Gacha. And the bloody axe on the ground is a new group gift by Remarkable Oblivion.

On Him:
Staff: A&Y Cyber Bunker Shark Cyber Scythe - multicolor [mesh](RMK Halloween)(420L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Mystic hair - browns [mesh](300L)
Tunic, Armor, Pants: FATEplay Nehtar - Volcano [mesh](400L)
Hat: Neverwish Wicked Hat - Potion Master Black, Ultra Rare [mesh] (The Gacha Mania)(50L)
Gloves: Death Row night mare gloves [mesh](TAG Gacha)(50L)
Eyes, makeup: Lovely Disarray Delusion Eyes Sanguine & Sleepless (Body Mod Expo)(169L)
Piercings: Anatomy Paine Silver [mesh](Body Mod Expo)(115L)
Mask: Goth1c0 Silent Pierced Mask [mesh](Genre)(100L)
Sash: Epia Auxiliary Chest Belt [mesh](220L)
Belt: Dark Prophet Designs Abdomen Belt II Tech [mesh](400L)
Boots: Exalted Regent - Black [mesh](750L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Sean Skin - Tone 01 G (990L)
Pose, Raven, Book: Uncertain Smile Sorcerer 3 (RMK Halloween)(200L)

Tool Kit: Souzou Eien Spells & Hexes Supply Kit  [mesh](RMK Halloween)(125L)
Toy mount: Culprit  Dreameaters Boar Wild  [mesh](TAG Gacha)(50L)
Severed head: Death Row minotaur [mesh](TAG Gacha)(50L)
Axe: Remarkable Oblivion Zombie Axe - Bloody [mesh](group gift)(free)


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