Tuesday, May 20, 2014

World Goth Fair 2014: Scarlet's Sister

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STORYLINE: The Council of Elders decided it was cruel and unusual punishment to snatch people from their lives for displaying any hint of "darkness" and dumping them here without warning, never to be seen again. They thought it would be "merciful" for one day a year, to open Curse's gates for tourists and the foolhardy. Since there is no bigger holiday in Cursed then World Goth Day, it made sense that would be the day. Two neighboring human cities, Sium and Port Seraphine are also joining celebration. Rumor has it, Scarlet's little sister Elizabeth will be among the visitors.

Sneaking over here is Blogger Bat extraordinaire, Aarya Phantomhive of the Dark Phantom blog. She's wearing the Astarte hair with a widow peak bang by LaNoir Soleil Designs. This fun Miyuki outfit by Fosca de Le I'm sure many of my Lolita readers will love. It's especially cute when you add the Bat garter by Squeek! and match it with the Batwing Ruffle Platforms by The Sugar Garden. These badass Lolita shoes work with the Slink flat feet and are must haves for every EGL. Her arm warmers by Greymoon you can pick up over the WGF Sium sim, and the make up and nails by Beautiful Freaks. The Loli nails texture is awesome, perfect for Lolita style. Adding a little more punk is the spiked headband by Dark Waters Designs. You can find it at the Gacha Pond.

On Her, Scarlet's Little Sister Elizabeth:
Hair: LaNoir Soleil Designs ASTARTE [mesh] (World Goth Fair, Port Seraphine)(74L) 50% donation
Garter: Squeek! Bat garter (black+silver) [mesh] (World Goth Fair, Sium)(200L) 50% donation
Makeup: Beautiful Freaks BF Divinora eyeliner - vicious violet (World Goth Fair, Sium)(200L) 100% donation
Hairpiece, dress, waist: FOSCA de LE Miyuki dress [mesh] (World Goth Fair, Port Seraphine)(100L)
Nails: Beautiful Freaks BF nails loli, applier for Slink (World Goth Fair, Sium)(125L)
Headband: Dark Water Designs Spiked Headband Black/Silver, gacha (World Goth Fair, Sium)(30L)
Gloves: Greymoon Corsetted Paisley Armwarmers [mesh] (World Goth Fair, Sium)(100L)
Shoes: The Sugar Garden Batty Wing, Ruffle Platforms - SolidxBlack [mesh](199L)
Lantern, pose: LISP Lantern Pose 1 [mesh]

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STORYLINE: Humans and Darks intermingling unsupervised? ...Yeah. What could possibly go wrong?   

You are going to want to bookmark the Gacha pond landmark. That's where you will find a lot of really nice new gothic items at sweet gacha prices. And coming soon, the Officially Licensed Band Shirts will be there too! The gacha machines with purple tentacles equal a 50% donation item for S.O.P.H.I.E., and green tentacles equal a 100% donation. The LOoLOo gacha machine has cute memorabilia for this years World Goth Fair. I couldn't resist dressing up my new favorite toy, the Vampire Beast. The handsome gent is a part the fabulous new Linden Labs's free Vampire avatar collection. You can read more about it here: http://community.secondlife.com

To help you navigate all three sims of World Goth Fair, you can see a map of the sims and a store location list, here: http://worldgothfair.wordpress.com/merchant-list-2/

On Him, the Gargoyle:
Headband: LOoLOo’s WGF 2014 Head Boppers (World Goth Fair, Gacha pond)(50L) 50% donation
Teddy bear: LOoLOo’s  WGF 2014 Holdable Bear (World Goth Fair, Gacha pond)(50L) 50% donation
Bracelet: LOoLOo’s  WGF 2014 Mesh Bracelet (World Goth Fair, Gacha pond)(50L) 50% donation
Necklace: LOoLOo’s  WGF 2014 Unisex Necklace (World Goth Fair, Gacha pond)(50L) 50% donation
Avatar: Linden Labs Vampire Beast Avatar [mesh](free)
Pose: momomuller / 3M 3M_standing16_m_back_001 (40L)


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