Thursday, May 15, 2014

NEWS: New Second Life Library Avatar

Linden Labs has now released the new Mesh avatars that new members can choose when they sign up.

WOW I'm loving the Vampire Set so hard! Vampires, Zombies, Wolfman, Werewolf, Werebat, Slayers, Goth girls, and even Blackula! It's Christmas in May! These are all free for members and 100% originals. Wowowowowowow!!!

To get your copies, download the update to the SL official viewer. Select the "People" button in your viewer to see the new selections. (If you don't have this button on, just add it to your tool buttons with the toolbar options.)

You can change the hair, and clothing and replace the shape on the new mesh avatars. You can even try to wear their clothes and hairs if you want. I was able to take the Vampire Slayer's outfit. lol One thing you will miss is the edit options for the face. They also lack facial and hand expressions, and no eye movement. But overall really fun new addition to SL! p.s. The Bat avatar comes with giant gargoyle-like wings not shown in the preview above.

More details here:

Download viewer here:

New avatar previews here:


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    1. Yeah! I played with all the vampire set, very cool. WereBat, Vampire Slayer guy, Wolfman, Werewolf, and the Zombies are all my favorites. XD


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