Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fantasy Faire: The Horror of Sanctum

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STORYLINE: The mystery of the souls lost to Hades were soon discovered in the city of Sanctum. It was completely deserted. Not a single living creature stirred. Everywhere Hades looked there were grotesque statues twisted in horror. Some had tumbled down. Fragments of heads, leg, arms, hands, and fingers littered the road. He picked up a finger and studied it closely. The details were far too exact, it even had the grooves of a fingerprint. His rage boiled. He raised his fists to heavens and bellowed, "MEDUSA!"

These wonderful statue avatars by Fallen Gods are a donation item at Fantasy Faire. It comes with appliers for Slink hands and feet, eyes, and a kilt for the men, and a dress for the ladies. For hair, I used the very greek god-like style Kawashima from Tableau Vivant, and the new Tableau Vivant Diabolito for the lady. To match both hair to the statue textures I used grey from the Spring pack. The Diabolito Hair you can find at the new The Men's Department sim. Both poses are past Madpea Hunt gift from Image Essentials. Posing as the Curious Lady is Aarya of the Dark Phantom blog.

Below the style credits you will see all the freebies I tracked down at this year's Fantasy Faire! In the image above, I am using the free Stone Sword from MacMoragh and Muse. You will also find a free matching stone rigged mesh long tunic for the guys. Have fun collecting the goodies! And forget there is also the Palace of Tears hunt going on.

On Him, The Cowardly Solider:
Skin, eyes, kilt, appliers: Fallen Gods LACRIMOSA male weeping [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Sanctum) (800L) donation
MacMoragh and Muse Stone God Cossack rigged and Stone Lord [mesh](Fantasy Faire, Sanctum)(free) 
Hair: Tableau Vivant Kawashima I Hair - Spring [mesh] (300L)
Feet: Slink Male Feet Flat [mesh] (650L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Grip, Hands on Hip [mesh](450L each)
Pose: Image Essentials terror run

On Her, The Curious Lady:
Skin, eyes, dress, appliers: Fallen Gods LACRIMOSA female weeping [mesh](Fantasy Faire Sanctum) (800L) donation
Hair: Tableau Vivant Diabolito Hair - Spring [mesh](The Men's Department)(250L)
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual [mesh] (450L)
Pose: Image Essentials terror hiding

Freebies at Fantasy Faire:

Blackwater Glenn
Dark Goddess Design Piercings 
Sublime Shroud Kreations Group gift ram horn
De La Soul Bucket of Fish
Hope's Horizon

Wiggenstead Mooring
LaNoir Soleil Designs Oversized Renaissance ring

Palace of Tears

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