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Japan Fair: Attack of the Daiyoukai

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STORYLINE: He did not remember how he came into being. There were faint memories of walking on four legs, being trained for war, and fighting many battles. His instinct to protect his home was powerful and made him especially vicious. When his master and village were slaughtered, he raged. Homeless, he turned to eating the dead on the bloodsoaked battlefield, including that of his slain master. With so many tortured souls in his belly lusting for revenge, the dog, the human, and the spirits ignited. He was a dog demon then. He disguised his massive size by assuming his former master's human form. His destruction of the enemy village was absolute. Eventually he would give birth to a powerful Inuyoukai dynasty that would go on to dominate his beloved Western Lands for over a thousand of years.

Japan Fair! Youkai! Gifts! Settings! Dragon pet! Wind in hair! I'm so happy I'm stumbling over my feet here. Okay, let me get started with the largest topic first and work my way down. Japan Fair is a beautifully made sim packed with many of the best Japanese designers in SL. Items for sale include event exclusives, and it's all for a good cause, raising money for the ShelterBox. Shelter Box makes a kit of live-saving necessities and send these kits to people in need after a disaster. The Japanese designers are so grateful and impressed by the Shelter Box during their country's time of need, (the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of 2011), that they want to give back and help raise funds for the Shelter Box. The event has many gifts through out the sim, and also has the Unofficial Hunt. The list of gifts I found at the event are listed below. On the opening weekend, there was a live Fashion show in a beautiful Noh style theater. You can watch a recording of the live Kimono show here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/secondlifetv Check the event schedule for more runway shows. I had a fantastic time there this weekend, drooling over all the pretty shiny things, and also running into many of SL's finest. Good times! Japan Fair runs through April 20th.

The theme of this image was inspired by Lovely Disarray's "Apple of my Eye" hunt prize, the Destruction of Life : Makeup. The character of Sesshoumaru is what kick-started my love for bishounen style. For this post I wondered about the origins of the Inuyoukai and came up with a possible explanation. I hope you guys like my idea. Okay. I am wearing the BareRose exclusive Sanada ShiGusoku and the materials on it really look aweosme on the armor parts! The hair by Argrace is also donation item at Japan Fair. The sword in hand by Ade Yakko is a hunt prize and comes with a hud to change the colors. On my shoulder is a cool little green dragon that either animates or stays still from Death Row. you can find it at the Secret Affair Game of Thrones inspired event. (many great things there too!) The Gallard fur cape is from a gacha by Stitched. Kitsume eyes by Aii. Ears by Illusions. Hands by Slink. Skin by Tableau Vivant. The pose is a donation item from Japan fair by J'adore.

But I am not just showing the outfit, I have some great things in the scenery too! The mesh Stone Wall building kit by Fuubutsu Dou is on sale at We <3 Role Play at 25% and I love it! This image is taken at my home. I swapped out my old prim wall with these beautiful mesh stone ones, and it has materials too! All the cherry trees in the image are a subscription gift by Isovii. The mesh torii is by Botanical. The little shrine was a hunt gift last month but you can find the shrine alone for 1L at Hanaya. Hanaya makes great group gifts. Recently her group was free to join on the 4,5,6. If you missed it, maybe she do it again. Keep an eye out for it. The stone lantern was a gift from The Looking Glass. Now run go get yourself some shiny! Japan Fair 2014

On Him, the DiaYoukai:
Outfit: BareRose Sanada ShiGusoku with materials [mesh](Japan Fair)(190L, 100% donation)
Hair: Argrace Haruka - white  [mesh](Japan Fair)(250L, 15% donation)
Pet: Death Row Dragon left shoulder green, gacha RARE  [mesh](Secret Affair)(50L)
Weapon hand: Ade yakko NINJA_KatanaSword with hud [mesh] (Japan Fair)(unofficial hunt)(free)
Makeup: Lovely Disarray Destruction of Life : Makeup (Apple of my Eye hunt)(free)
Cape: Stitched  [S] Gallard // Grey Fur - Brown [mesh] (75L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Cigarette, Grip [mesh] (450L each)
Ears: Illusions Fairy Ears [mesh] (300L)
Weapon belt: toxicweapons Yazimoto Black Destruction (no longer available)
Eyes: Aii Ugly & Beautiful Designs Kitsune Violet Eyes (50L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 1 - blond (990L)
Pose: J'adore Ninja-005 (Japan Fair) (75L, 100% donation)

Walls: Fuubutsu Dou Stone Wall-long with materials [mesh] (We <3 Role Play)(524L) 25% off
Gate: Botanical Japanese Torii Gate - Mossy Granite [mesh] (250L)
Shrine: Hanaya -HanayaMesh- Hokura Shinto Shrine (Spring) [mesh] (1L)
Lantern: The Looking Glass Lotus Valley Dream Lantern [mesh](past, Key of Hope Hunt)

For the unofficial hunt, look below this sign for the object you need to search for. It's different for each participating store.

Japan Fair Unofficial Hunt
J’adore In Love couple pose (free)
Ade yakko Katana with color change hud (free)
[[RH]] Design house [[RH]] Mesh rug A and B (free)
Azurl flower headdress  (free)
yo bailo Mermaid outfit (free)
Second Wildlife Japanese Serow Pet (free)
Also listed in hunt are: kokorotayori and ponitee

Japan Fair Store Gifts:
Air Air_Pisces FREE_CM* (free)
Silvery K Japanese hand fan(free)
[[RH]] Design house [[RH]] Natural bed (with POSE) (free) [[RH]] Wooden desk - Set (free)
Ambrosia *Mesh:Spring Flowers[sakura_pink] (1L)
Schoen [Japan Fair 2014 Gift] Antique hand bag (free)
G Feild *GF* Flower Headband -JF2014 Welcome Gift (free)
BareRose Murasaki Sanada Sentinel (free)
YOME SHUOJO [Pant_1] Unisex GiFT (free)
Tukinowaguma Azumi (free)
LAKSHMI Gift Hair - JF 2014 (free)

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