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MWFW: Inside the Photographer's Studio

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Fashion Week.... Designer's race to make final touches to their collection. Promotional shots are taken. Then the moment arrives. Models prepare as stylist and makeup artists buzz around them. Outside the murmurs of an excited crowd. Cameras poised. The lights dim. The music starts. A breath is held, then the magic begins as the models parade down the runway. This thriving culture isn't limited to the real world, it's in SL too. This week I have been swept up in it and inspired by the hard working designers who bring stylish new looks for the guys. Mens Wear Fashion Week has began! Designer XAIJ's collection has 8 complete outfits with a monochrome theme. Each item comes with a hud that allows you switch around the textures from white, light grey, grey, dark grey, to black. I'm showing in this post Harlem, Utica, and the Bangles. Check out the LookBook of the collection here:  Head down to MensWear Fashion Week, and try on the demos. The Suitcases and Breifcases on the ground are a cool gacha by Blvck Anchor at MWFW. They are wearable and trigger a pose. MensWear Fashion Week ends May 3rd.

Tableau Vivant fans, I have a great news for you. The T.V. group now has a benefit for members. For each hair you buy in the store you earn a 50L store credit and fatpack will earn you 200L credit. Just wear your group tag when you make a purchase to earn credits. The Noel hair I am wearing above have been updated, you can get your update at the main store. Is this Koolqa Knight skin great for what? Two tones of the Knight skin are on sale at The Men's Department 2nd anniversary for 350L. Don't miss that. I went to the main store and picked up the Knight appliers for the Slink hands and feet, however I think they meant to match the main skintone line and not the one on sale at TMD. The Silvers didn't really line up well, but on the image above I think it's passable. (Image is not retouched for color.) The necklace by Mandala is great with 3 lengths in mesh and a hud to change around the textures. Comes in male and female. The Aggressive Intentions makeup by Lovely Disarray you can pick up at the Big Show on sale 25% off.  The mesh low top shoes by Super Kingdom are some of my favorites. The handheld camera is one of my most treasured gachas, the Grandfather's Camera by Tee*fy. Pose by Del May.

On Him, the Photographer:
Armbands, pants: XIAJ Harlem Outfit (full outfit + HUD) [mesh] (MWFW) (350L)
Bracelets: XIAJ Metal Bangle [mesh] (MWFW) (50L)
Necklace: Mandala KOTOWARI_Necklace_set_All colors (Men's Department) (297L)
Skin: Kooqla Knight of Rose  (Men's Department) (350L)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Noel Hair - Male - Spring [mesh] (300L)
Makeup: Lovely Disarray Aggressive Intentions - Complete (The Big Show)(115L)
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v2l_HeadEyeline01C(bk)(free)
Shoes: Super Kingdom Low Tops: Black [mesh] (199L)
Applier skin: Koolqa Knight - Slink Appliers HANDS (100L)
Nail Polish: By Snow Fashionable Black applier for Slink hands (1L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax [mesh] (450L each)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Violet Eye (50L)
Camera: Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera : GrandpaOldCamera.RARE (past gacha, The Arcade)
Pose: Del May DM - Dynamic male #1 (50L)

Let me tell you a little more about this set. I had the idea to build a photographer's studio in New York City in keeping with the NYC theme of MWFW this year. The skybox is by Off Brand Furniture. When you touch the ceiling, you can change the wall and the floor textures, and also the city view from NY daytime to different views of Tokyo. The lights and photographer's backdrop are from Abranimations. The backdrop comes with poses in it which are controlled by a hud. The hud also has the best eye controller in SL! Love it. The lights all work too but I preferred to make my own lighting. The cool dressing room scrims, director's chairs, and fashion rack are from an old House of Fox gacha at a past Arcade. And I very pleased to tell you it's back! (I always wished I had the complete set. Just one more to go....) The camera is from a SAAL gacha. It doesn't appear to be available anymore. Completing the set are the trusses from LUI. They are mesh sections and comes in 4 textures.

Suitcases: Blvck Anchor RARE SuitCase Black Straps, Grey, Red, gacha [mesh](MWFW) (75L)
Briefcase: Blvck Anchor Closed BriefCase Grey, gacha [mesh](MWFW) (75L)
Skybox: Off Brand Furnture :::OBF::: Urban Skybox (375L)
Dressing Room: House of Fox Cosmetic Chair, Dressing Room, Fashion Rack gacha [mesh](75L)
Trusses: LUI Traversen Set for Builde [mesh] (149L)
Camera: SAAL Stand Man with Camera, gacha [mesh] (no longer available)
Photostudio, Lights: Abranimations ProPhoto Professional Photo Studio [mesh] (885L)

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The handbag by XIAJ goes great with this XIAJ outfit at MWFW. It's from a gacha you can find at the main store. These awesome shoes by COCO are now free! you can pick them up in olive or black as well other older content goodies at COCO. The mesh gloves by O.M.E.N are on sale at the Men's Department. I'm wearing two different makeups from Lovely Disarray. The Eyeliner from Amazon Trio is very nice, and I love this stripe on the lip in the Ophidian set. The Haruka hair by Argrace is now located at the main store. Necklace Kotowari once more by Mandala but this time the short length version. Cool Sandstorm goggles are by Remarkable Oblivion.  Ok, now head off to MWFW and have fun! If you want to see a Runway show, scroll down for the event schedule.

On Him, the Model:
Shirt, Pants:  XIAJ Utica Outfit (full outfit + HUD) [mesh] (MWFW) (350L)
Shoes: COCO Homme DoubleLayerBoots Black (free)
Bag: XIAJ Mirjam Satchel hand + hounddoom RARE, gacha [mesh] (55L)
Gloves: O.M.E.N Black Cruising Gloves [mesh] (Men's Department)(190L)
Makeup 1: Lovely Disarray The Amazon Trio : Eyeliner#2 (180L)
Makeup 2: Lovely Disarray The Ophidian : Glare, Lip (150L)
Necklace: Mandala KOTOWARI_Necklace_set_All colors (Men's Department) [mesh](297L)
Hair: Argrace Haruka - white [mesh] (250L)
Goggles: Remarkable Oblivion Sandstorm - WhiteWash - Closed [mesh] (199L)
Shoes: COCO Homme DoubleLayerBoots Black (free)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Violet Eye (50L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 1 - blond (990L)
Pose: R.icielli Runway Poses 04 (179L)

SUNDAY April 27th, 201411am-12pm SL Zed Sensations @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
2-3pm SL INNUENDO at MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Aitui, 69 Park Ave, Costa Creations, G&D The Italian Store, JFL Men's Hats, Dynasty Group Show

MONDAY April 28th, 201411am-12pm SL Vitamen, White Widow, Riaxik, HOTDIVE, Zibska, Stone by Phe, Amacci Group Show
2-3pm SL Xiaj @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Central Park Fashion Show

TUESDAY April 29th, 201411am-12pm Blvck Anchor @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
2-3pm SL Clef De Peau @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show

WEDNESAY April 30th, 201411am-12pm SL Wall Street Fashion Show
2-3pm SL iLLMATIC, UNORTHODOX, Akeyo, Feel, !Bravura Homme, J&A Rock Culture Group Show
6-7pm SL Peka's Design @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show

FRIDAY May 2nd, 201411am-12pm SL Pure Poison @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
2-3pm SL Countdown @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Image Factory @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show

SATURDAY May 3rd, 201411am-12pm SL Faster Pussycat/Velvet Elvis @ MWFW 2014 Fashion Show
12-2pm SL ModeLS Magazine Closing Party
2-3pm SL *just BECAUSE*,Zanze, SORGO, Atelier m+, Cashmere & Keane, Jeepers Creepers, SF Designs Group Show
6-7pm SL Broadway Baby Fashion Show

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