Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Little Mochi Vendor

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STORYLINE: The little white fox stared at what seemed to him to be a very steep stone step. He hopped up then he turned around to pull his tiny vendor cart behind him. He repeated this process until he finally reached the summer festival grounds. It wasn't easy being small, but for his struggle he was richly rewarded in hugs and sales from girls in their pretty kimonos. He sighed. At moments like this, he questioned his choice of profession. Life would be easier to remain a little fox, but duty called.

Japonica is open to brighten your summer with beautiful creations from Japan. You can browse a gallery of all the many wonderful items for sale here: Japonica Gallery. Shown above is the adorable W-Zero Animal Fairy gacha avatar, white fox. He is wearing the W-Zero Hakama for the animal fairy. His cart of yummy daifuku treats is by Frangipani. Touch the cart, and you get a wearable treat. The set also includes a little straw hat with earsm flower, or smooth top. However, for a more manly style, I switched to the Argrace straw hat. Too keep the little fox cool is a hand fan from the Naminoke gacha. The fan comes with several animations you can activate by touching the fan.

On him, Little Fox:
Cart, treat: Frangipani Garden Ichigo Daifuku Cart, Daifuku [mesh](Japonica)(100L)
Fan: Naminoke  MizuUchiwa Bamboo#1-C, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(45L)
Hat: ARGRACE Straw Fedora - Khaki (limited color) [mesh](250L)
Outfit: W-Zero -00-AFA-hakama_montuki [mesh](Japonica)(150L)
Avatar: W-Zero -00-Animal fairy Avatar-fox2, gacha [mesh](Japonica)(50L)
Pose: ZZang Model 007

Japonica garden

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