Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fantasy Faire 2017: The Crow Tengu

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STORYLINE: There once was a young Crow Tengu who was told by his parents to stay away from humans, (the Tengu were forbidden from interfering in human affairs). But he simply could not obey the rules. His heart belonged to a little girl with a laugh that sounded like the call of crows. Adorable. To him, she was one of them, even if she had no feathers. It all started one day when he was out scouting the mountain. Tucked deep in the forest by a babbling brook, was a small human nest. There was a sickly looking girl sitting outside alone. Being curious, he flew down and asked her what she was doing. She explained she was gravely ill and her parents were both working hard to earn enough money to treat her illness. He shook his feathers in confusion at the difficulties of human rituals, but before he could ask about it, a rain of questions showered down on him. Since he liked the attention, he told her stories about himself, his people, and their oral history. She hung on his every word. Her eyes, which seemed so dull before, now sparked with life. So each day he would fly back to his number one fan and tell her a new story. By the time fall came, she had made a full recovery and would return to school. The crows too were preparing to fly south for the winter. With a big hug, she thanked him for keeping her spirits up. He fluffed out his chest in pride, and then plucked out one of his feathers to give her, "Always remember me." He felt sad their storytime was ending. She laughed her adorable crow laugh, said it was impossible for her to ever forget him. ...Many years later she wrote a best selling children's book, "The Many Wild and Wonderful Tales of the Crow Tengu."

This is last weekend of the Fantasy Faire, don't miss all the excitement! You can find a schedule of all the activities here: FantasyFaireSL   And over at pinterest is the handy shopping catalog: shopping-catalogue-2017. Have fun gang! UPDATE:  The Faire has been extended to May 4th. 

On him, Crow Tengu:
Kimono: W-Zero -00-KIJIN-KIMONO_BLUE, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Faire: The Rose)(75L)
Cloak: W-Zero -00-KIJIN-Mantle_Blue, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Faire: The Rose))(75L)
Katana: W-Zero -00-KIJIN-Katana Blue, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Faire: The Rose))(75L)
Shoulder armor: W-Zero -00-Kijin-Armor-Blue, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Faire: The Rose))(75L)
Gauntlets: W-Zero -00-KIJIN-Gauntlet-red BENTO, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Faire: The Rose))(75L)
Boots: W-Zero -00-KIJIN-Boots_Black, gacha [mesh](Fantasy Faire: The Rose))(75L)
Wings: The Little Bat !TLB - Adara Wings BENTO (Fantasy Faire: Raven's Perch)(200L)
Bird head: Illusions Corvus Mask (215L)
Pose: Axix Lord Crow (100L)

Kakushi Pasu – Literary Festival Sim by Lokii Violet

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