Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2066: Geisha of Debtors Prison

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STORYLINE: Rain fell gently into the rejuvenation pool. It was a special lubricant for the joints of androids, and cyborgs. His constant companions, Gertie 1 and 2 sighed joyfully. More accurately they were the jail-keepers of his personal hell. He would never get used to it, this artificial prison of a body he inhabited. It was one year ago, when he was given a choice: Die from his injuries in debtors' prison, or willingly submit to full cyberization to work off his debts. What was his crime for such a horrendous sentence? He refused to pay the Cyber Mafia over a lost bet. The Deathmatch between BattleBot EVA and the vampire was obviously rigged. So he threw his scumbag loan shark into the display case for some silly ancient relic. And for that crime, he was turned from a bearded hard drinking gambler into the sleek androgynous Gynoid Geisha no.10023. His only purpose was to please the twisted kinks of his master, Kujo, ringleader of the Cyber Mafia. Was it fair? Hell no. But the cops weren't coming to save him. He signed paperwork making the cyberization legal. Besides, he was just a brain lodged inside a very expensive polycarbonate body now, literally the property of Kujo. What was left to save? He died. And the worst part was, (or was it the best part?), he felt less and less like the person he used to be. Was it true that a person's identity was created by how they looked and how people reacted to that appearance? He saw the world with new eyes, and not just because they were digital. People saw him with new eyes too. He would never admit he didn't completely hate it. ...Still, he secretly wished Gertie would look away so he could kill the mean son-of-bitch who did this to him.

On Him, Gynoid Geisha no.10023:
Collar: Kotolier "Ume blossom" Harness 07:Black-Silver, gacha [mesh](Re:Japonica)(72L)
Kimono: Dead Dollz Koibito Kimono [mesh](Re:Japonica)(450L)
Thong: A&Y Cyber Bunker Nexus Cyber Thong - multicolor [mesh](550L)
Wrap: Aii Tattered Hagoromo BLACK [mesh](250L)
Boots: Spare Parts Cyber Boots - White [mesh](110L)
Mask: AZOURY Nymphas Mask - Turquoise, gacha [mesh](100L)
Collar: Female Poison Outfit Latex Reine in Black (198L)
Headdress: Latex Web LW FanChains Hairpins [mesh](100L)
Pets: La Jolie Designs Gridwear - series 2, Tempest Dragon (339L)
Face applier: Soul Emmanuel - Cypher [V1] Special Edition TMP (975L)
Lip applier: Aii Geisha's Kiss Lip Pack, TMP (99L)
Tattoo applier: Jeanette's Joint ~JJ~ Gynoid/Android Tattoos Omega Applier (99L)
Chest applier: Pink Fuel V-Tech Boi appliers Glam Affair tones (350L)
Chest: [V-Tech] Boi Chest Mod v2.2 - Maitreya (499L)
Body, skin: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [mesh](2750L)
Head: TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) - Anime (Deluxe) [mesh](5000L)
Pose: Del May DM - Levitation male (50L)

Doll: Mato Ball Jointed Doll-01 (black/3Li), gacha [mesh](Re:Japonica)(50L)
Doll: Mato Ball Jointed Doll-04 (2Li), gacha [mesh](Re:Japonica)(50L)
Doll: Mato Ball Jointed Doll-05 (2Li), gacha [mesh](Re:Japonica)(50L)
Doll: Mato Ball Jointed Doll-06 (2Li), gacha [mesh](Re:Japonica)(50L)
Doll: Mato Ball Jointed Doll-09 (2Li), gacha [mesh](Re:Japonica)(50L)
Doll: Mato Ball Jointed Doll-12 (2Li), gacha [mesh](Re:Japonica)(50L)


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