Saturday, September 26, 2015

Flights of Fancy

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STORYLINE: Flights of fancy: An idea, narrative, suggestion, etc. which is extremely imaginative and which appears to be entirely unrealistic, untrue, or impractical; thinking which is very speculative.

I was inspired by several dynamic new releases. By AIR are these wonderful windblown cuffs. Touch them to bring up a hud to chose what pose for each ribbon you want. It comes in 3 colors, and you can edit the cuffs to best fit. From Cubic Cherry is the windblown harness Storm that is the gift for the Femboy Hunt. It's unrigged so you can edit it for best fit. From Tableau Vivant is the windblown Editorial hairs from the Arcade gacha. Also by Tableau Vivant is the LeeJae hair on sale at the Men's Department, and the new Slink Male body skin appliers. That's right, shown above is the brand new Slink Male Body! Slink has updated it's hands, feet, and bodies to accept Omega appliers. The shorts shown here are Omega appliers by Apricot Paw. The Souzou Eien blindfold is a Vivid Dreams Kink Hunt gift. The dreamers boots are also by Souzou Eien, I loved the imagaitive clouds texture for them. Speaking of Souzou Eien, it's the store's 6th anniversary sale is going on now to Sept 30th with 50% discount on all mainstore products for VIP members (its 50L to join), and 50L fatpack sale on all eyes, wounds, and makeup. For more details, go here. The butterflies wings by Swagga are huge and come in two colors. For my image I used two and made them smaller. (I imagine them saying, "Giddy Up Human! The Butterflies got places to go, flower to pollenate. Yaw! Yaw!" lol) The Goth1c0 back lacing for men works pretty well with the new Slink body. The sandles are by United Colors. The dreamer is wearing a nice black leather vest and pants by Bravura. It comes in stand sizes and fit mesh.

On Him, the dream:
Hair: Tableau Vivant Editorial Eastern wind - funky, gacha [mesh](The Arcade)(50L)
Wings: SWaGGa But I'm A Fairy Wing I Butterflies [mesh](We <3 Roleplay)(199L)
Wrist cuffs: AIR Shizuka RB_Black [mesh](300L)
Blindfold: Souzou Eien Simple Leather Blindfold [mesh](Vivid Dreams Kink Hunt)(1L)
Harness: Cubic Cherry Kre-ations Storm harness black [mesh](Femboy Hunt)(2L)
Plug-in: Omega Omega System Kit - Slink (99L)
Shorts applier: Apricot Paws Proper Shorts - Black (90L)
Nail Polish: By Snow Fashionable Black applier for Slink hands (1L)
Hairbase: Action Hair Base 04 Veganic - Stripped (107L)
Piercings: Haus of Darcy KYO Mesh Ear Piercing, Facial Piercing - Slide [mesh] (150L)
Back lacing: Goth1c0 Male Pierced Corset [mesh] (380L)
Ears: Mandala Unisex Simple Ears [mesh] (297L)
Shoes: United Colors Black laced up sandals men slink [mesh](340L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Rays Skin - Tone 01 - eyeshadow (dark) (990L)
Skin body applier: Tableau Vivant tone 1 Slink male (400L)
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body Release 1[mesh](1,250L)
Feet: Slink Male Feet Flat [mesh] (650L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands, gesture [mesh] (450L)
Pose Run: momomuller / 3M [3M]**_gogogo_A7 (40L)

On Him, the dreamer:
Hair: Tableau Vivant LeeJae hair [mesh](The Men's Department)(188L)
Vest, pants: BRAVURA Vest and pants Leather - Black [mesh](180L)
Boots: Souzou Eien Get Steppin' Heels [mesh](Gen-neutral)(400L)
Cuffs: Mandala Bracelets SANKARA Black (427L)

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