Thursday, January 10, 2013

Year of the Snake

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2013 is The Year of the Snake. I camped at Barerose and won this wicked cool new snake shoulder pet. *pets his precious scaly skin gumdrops* I love him. I also love this very cool new jacket from RokumeikaN. It's mesh with a texture change hud: 6 jacket, 6 shirt, and 6 ties textures. I had a blast mixing and matching looks from UK punk, to English librarian, to Goth Mod. The eyepatch and earrings are the Year of the Snake theme January group gift at WTG. The pants from Tableau Vivant are a lowrise skinny pant with cool straps on the sides that line up with the jacket perfectly. My worn out loafers I replaced with these new shiny mesh Bradfords that remind me of a gothic winklepicker. The silvery setting is the nice free art gallery by Scarlet Creative. The insert picture shows Year of the Snake decorations from Sakka's Studio and MiuMin. May the Sssssnake be with you! *flicks forked tongue*

On Him:
Jacket, Shirt, Tie: RokumeikaN +RMK*Men's Button jacket+ (with texture change hud) [mesh] (500L)
Pants: Tableau Vivant CC 2012 gray (FaMESHed) [mesh](250L)
Hair: Scars Hair Glico Gray (100L)
Shoulder Pet: Barerose ::: B@R ::: White Shoulder Snake, raffle [mesh] (free)
Earrings, Eyepatch: WTG **Naga Raja** January GG #2 unisex 2013 (group gift, 100L to join)(free)
Shoes: PixelFashion :)(: Bradford Shoes Black V [mesh] (390L)
Bracelet: ISON vipera watch silver (125L)
Pose: F*cking Ninjas *FN* Malkavian (edited) (50L)

Studio: Scarlet Creative Scarlet Creative For William Weaver Art Gallery (free)
Prop: Sakka's Studio Year of the Snake lucky ornament (1L)
Framed Artwork: MiuMin *MiuMin* 2 New Year Art Wall Print (free)

Bonus: Snakey Freebies:
Piercing: ni.Ju Snake Bites Piercing - Simple v02 (free)
Tattoo: ni.Ju Boa Face Tattoo (free)
EyesZaYlang lavendar neko/snake eyes (free)
EyesOver the Rainbow Orange snake eyes (free)

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