Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bare Rose: Starlight Angel

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The Barerose Starlight Angel hunt officially ended Dec 31st, but it is still active as of today. Run go get now! The prize comes in male, female (with lolas), petitie male, petite female, titan male (2x and 3x), and titan female. You can edit attached mesh to fit your avatar. The mini hunt has a nice storyline you will enjoy. Even your "friendly" neighborhood werewolf can get into the holiday spirit by gutting an angel and stealing his clothes.

UPDATE: Mini hunt now closed. Green Starlight Angel for guys and Pink Starlight Angel for girls added to 2013 raffle prizes. There is also a very cool Year of the Snake shoulder pet in the raffle prizes. I hope to win it! 

On Him:
Wings, Crown, Cuffs, Skirt: BareRose Starlight Angel [mesh] (free)
Avatar: 1st Act Tundra Werewolf (1950L)

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