Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Red Devil 50% Sale / Fiction and Chaos 50% Sale

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Three stores are the staple of many Femboy, Neko, and Furry looks: K!NG, Red Devil, and Fiction and Chaos. By coincidence, two of them are having a 50% Off Sale. No, you have not died and gone to Heaven, but your wallet might. lol. The Red Devil sale lasts until Oct 2nd, then the in-world will go on hiatus and the marketplace store will remain. The Fiction and Chaos sale lasts until the end of September on all skins, hairs, clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Jacket: Red Devil Inc Minimal Red (99L) Sale
Undershirt, Pant: Red Devil Inc Animal Instinct V3 Teal (lucky chair)(free)
Ears, Tail, Collar, Armwarmers: Fiction and Chaos :F@C: Little Lapin (red tint added) (100L) Sale
Shorts, Belt, Headset: KiNG Street Style Jeans+Shorts 02 *DEEJAY* (420L)
Nommy: DownDownDown [05]Pie(Berry sauce) (Sweets 2 gacha) (15L)
Boots: NOSOTR@S Hybrid Boots bunny white (5L)
Hair: LALA Moon Ringo Star Black (past group gift)(free)
Skin: Reila Skins Julian Light 2B HB (999L)
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v21_HeadShadow01(bk) (free)
Eyes: Tohru's Shop L avatar (600L)
Pose: The Black Canary ~*{TBC}*~ Miyavi Pose 7 (50L)

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