Thursday, September 20, 2012

News Report: Group Gifts & Freebies 5

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1: Kal Rau - V-neck T, Shorts [mesh], Keychain, (group gift, free to join) Leather Jacket, 2 Tees (free)
2: Fennex Grabber - Each day a new Fennex: West, East, Sahara, Polar, Amazon. (free for pick)
3: Vero Modero - September group gift, plus 12 past months, and a muscle car (group gift, free to join)
4: FIN *Relive the fifties* - Leather Jacket JOHNNYD (free)
5: Earth's Bangles - 3 tanks [mesh]. (group gift 5L). Orgasm tank [mesh], Stressed Out Jeans (free)
6: Pop Tart - Bad Monster hoodie [mesh] 
7: Vitamen - Aug & Sept Gold & White thong (free)
8: Dot-Be - Love is Love Jacket  [mesh], Baggy Camo Pant [mesh] (group gift, free to join)
9: Gabriel - Driving shoes BROWN [mesh], plus past group gifts (group gift, free to join)
10: Chop Zuey - Etoile Noir earring, Malachite necklace and bracelet (free, requires group join $350L)

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