Friday, May 8, 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020: Auxentios Pass: War of the Worlds

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STORYLINE: Above the endless mechanical heartbeat of Auxentio's Pass the sirens began to wail. The city was under attack! Detective Moth cursed under his breath. Of all the rotten days to be assigned undercover in the Red Light district...  Suddenly a trumpeting blast a shook the groundSnow and ice on the roofs above him suddenly gave way. He quickly jumped back to the facade of his favorite hangout in this frozen hellhole, Ye Olde Cigar Shop. A deadly falling ice spear missed him by mere inches. It would be been an impressive display of agility if he had not also slipped in his high heeled boots and fell on top a hot steampipe. He cried out in pain. More bad luck, and this time it was attracting the wrong kind of attention. The ground trembled under the heavy stomp of a towering behemoth as it rounded the corner of the brownstones. It aimed directly at him. "Shit!" No time to run. The Moth quickly jumped up, his mechanical wings straining under the demand. Up! Up! An angry blast of wrath shot out where he once was. ...Ha! missed him. The lumbering machine's armor was impressive, but from above, The Moth spied what must be a vulnerable spot. A smirk curled up around his cigar. Maybe it was his lucky day after all....

Have you seen all the amazing sims, cool items for sale, games, role plays, artwork, live performances, literary readings, and quest hunt at the Fantasy Faire 2020? It's always the best event of the year: lively, passionate, creative, beautiful and good hearted for an excellent cause, -- American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. I was honored to work on the Auxentio's Pass for the Fantasy Faire shopping catalog. I got to see this amazing sim come together. The textures are wonderfully detailed, I'm amazed by simple things like snow on glass creating a realistic look. You can read more about the sim's creation here: Meet The Sponsors: Contraption As you explore the sim, be sure to explore around above and below! There is even music created for sim by Contraption, check out their Hyland Gramophone. There are 2 uniquely retextured coats designed with the sim mind as Relay for Life donations. Contraption fans can collect a miniature of the City's heart in the Bard Queens's Garden Quest, as well as all the sims in Fantasy Faire, and there are more Auxentio's Pass gifts for visitors in the front entrance of the Contraption store.

While you are visiting Auxentio's Pass, shown above are these cool Animesh wings by Static. And over at Raven Bell's is Crystal Fantasy hair pack. Many of of Raven's hair at the Fantasy Faire have a special Crystal Fantasy color pack. The Faire is open until May 10th! It is NOT to be missed! For more information, go to: Fantasy Faire

And in an explosion of cool happening at the same time, is the Engine Room. The Pathos skirt and top by Toksik are really interesting. The top has fits for men, women, and even v-tech. Love it! Of course I had to try to see if I could come up with an interesting character for this outfit. Also from the Engine Room is the wonderfully textured Staff by Sempiternal. It has several different hand pose positions (men & women, left or right, and 2 hands). The intricately detailed monocle by Air comes in left or right, gold or silver. And rounding out the outfit are the impossibly high and impossibly steamy steampunk boots by Eudora.

In other news, if you have been watching the blogs, you might have heard both Genus Lab and Catwa released a gift head this week. Genus Lab is fighting a DMCA now, but I expect they will be back up and running soon. The Strong Face 001 gift head is wonderfully made. I'll cover the Freya Catwa head soon, it has neck fits for male and female. TMP Classic body is back for 1L, and if you slap the board for Lucy body, you might win that too. Its been a fantastic week for the alts and those New to SL to get up to speed on mesh heads and bodies. Excellent.

On him, Detective Moth:
Hair: Raven Bell Adel Hair, Crystal Fantasy Pack [mesh](Fantasy Faire: Auxentios Pass)(250L)
Wings: Static DaVinci Faewing Old World [Animesh](Fantasy Faire: Auxentios Pass)(350L)
Monocle: Air Queen Victoria monocle gold [mesh](Engine Room)(300L)
Staff: SEMPITERNAL LUX AETERNA The Throne's Staff [mesh](Engine Room)(399L)
Top: toksik Pathos Blouse (V-tech) [mesh](Engine Room)(245L)
Skirt: toksik Pathos Skirt (Lara) [mesh](Engine Room)(240L)
Boots: Eudora3D Della Boots (Maitreya) [mesh](Engine Room)(399L)
Wrap: Junbug Holly Fur Shawl Cream [mesh](195L)
Claws: ContraptioN Vulture Talons [mesh](325L)
Hat: deviousMind dM VictorianGothic - RoseHat, gacha [mesh](75L)
Cigar: Fallen Gods R.U.L.K. full avatar + Fallen Gods Inc. [mesh](1200L)
Skin: GENUS Project GENUS Skin Applier ELENA - Honey MakeUp 05 [BOM](100L)
Head: GENUS Project Genus Head Strong Face GIFT001 v1.7 Mocap [mesh](group gift)
Chest: [V-Tech] Boi Chest Mod v2.2 - Maitreya [BOM](499L)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body Lara [BOM] [mesh](2750L)
Pose: Del May DM - Kick off (50L)

Fantasy Faire: Auxentios Pass Sponsored by Contraption
This post was made possible thanks to a loaned monitor. Thank you!

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