Saturday, June 29, 2019

Summerfest 2019: Crabs vs Starfish

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STORYLINE: Unknown to the humans playing in the summer surf, their picnic area had drawn the attention of the denizens of the beach. Mr Crack Kracken and his crew of dancing crabs challenged Ms Sea Star and her children to a little contest: Who can pop the most bottles open? The starfishes quickly fell behind as the crabs popped and popped until there were bottle caps laying everywhere. Regardless of the winner, all creatures of the shoreline enjoyed the delicious soda pop, and a good time was had by all.

How cute are all these beach creatures?  They are available now at Summerfest. The sandcastle by Hextraordinary is full of Animesh Crabs. You lay them down individually, or trigger their thier cute cheorographed dance routine by touching the castle. The crabs by MishMish are also animesh and will wander side to side. They also come in static poses, and several colors. The Starfish by Yokai are also animated. You can wear them or rez. They come in several colors and static poses too. The palm tree in the background is also animated with a pleasant slow sway. The mini fridge, soda bottles, and bottle caps are by Dahlia.

Sandcastle, small crabs: HEXtraordinary Crab Kingdom Castle [ANIMESH](Summerfest)(499L)
Large crabs: MishMish - Cutie Crab Deco - Red [ANIMESH](Summerfest)(250L)
Starfish: Yokai - SuperSTARfish -Starfish Animated (turquoise/blue) [mesh](Summerfest)(175L)
Starfish: Yokai - SuperSTARfish -Starfish (gold) Animated [mesh](Summerfest)(175L)
Starfish: Yokai - SuperSTARfish -Starfish (gold) Animated [mesh](Summerfest)(175L)
Set: Dahlia Belmar: Vintage Signs, Sodas,  Cooler, and bottle caps SET[mesh](Summerfest)(999L)
Beach: Studio Skye Beach Building Set from Studio Skye [mesh](699L)
Palm Tree: Little Branch LB_BeachPalm Animated [mesh](Summerfest)(222L)

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