Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Advent Mania 2015!

Pictured above:
1 = Abranimations     2 = Sway's     3 = Meva     4 = KittyCats
5 = Akaesha     6 = !gO!      7 = CIRCA     8 = Fair Play

I love advents! Many of my favorites have returned.  My list focuses on unisex, decor, and advents with things for guys. This year here are four new things to report: 

One: Sway's is back this year and is using a hud. Look around the sim to find all the baubles to unlock each date on the calendar. Then come back each day to get that day's gift.
Two: The Christmas Advent-ure HUD! Head to Lantian/Flox or Timeless Textures to pick up the hud. Included are links to many of this year's Avents in notecard form and a handy hud that will teleport to each destination.
Three: Fair Play is a fantasy theme fund raiser for the American Cancer Society. Look for the advent numbers around the sim for the daily gift.
Four: !gO! Has original mesh gifts each day for men, joining the group is 50L. Meva has original mesh mesh gifts also, many of them unisex, it costs 100L to join. 
Note: Advents for the 12 Days of Christmas will be added as soon as more information is available.

Thanks to all the generous designers who make the season brighter!

Advents for Everyone: 
Abranimations - group required, free to join - daily only - free
Akaesha - random prize drops and gift cards - daily only - free
Chaos, Panic & Disorder - daily - free (can get past days)
CIRCA -  group required, free to join. - daily (Prizes are 1L-75L a day)
Fair Play - for The American Cancer Institute, group required, free to join - daily - free (can get past days)
KittyCats - daily - free (can get past days)
Sway's - Hunt baubles to unlock the hud, then collect each daily prize - free daily only, (50L later)
Timeless Textures - Pick up the Advent Hopping Hud here - daily only - free (10L later)
Yasum - group required, free to join - daily (can get past days)

Advents with Guys gifts:
7 Deadly s{K}in - group required - free to join - daily only - free (75L later, runs to Dec 31st)
Chop Zuey - starts Dec 14th - freebies plus group prizes, 350L to join - daily - free
Gery's Menstyle - group required, free to join - daily only - free
!gO! group required, 50L to join - daily only - free
Meva - group required, 100L to join - daily only

For Even more 2015 advents, go here: ShowtimemagazineTeleporthubFabfree

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