Tuesday, March 31, 2015

20,000 Leagues under the Sea

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STORYLINE: My dearest, I write in this journal in the hopes that someday it may reach you, so that you may know the truth of what happened to your Aronnax. The sea monster that had been sinking ships was not as I theorized, the Great Narwhal. No, it is a beast of metal and steel. So advanced is it's technology, I am awestruck. I have been held prisoner here over a year by it's captain, Nemo. He is as mad as he is brilliant. I have seen many wonders. I shall endeavor to document it all, but know my thoughts are never far from you. I hope someday I might return to your arms.

Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is the theme of the current A Tattered Page round! It inspires so many ideas. Underwater gothic with a Hades archetype and pipe organs, Steampunky, and Tentacles! What's not to love, right? 20,000 Leagues rocks! If you haven't dropped by yet, head over the Library of A Tattered Page and check out the watery coolness, it ends today.

Shown above are decor elements from this round. The black pearl on pillow by BluPrintz can change textures for the pearl, pillow, and piping. The portholes by Noctis come in either steel or bronze. Little schools of fish swimming past in them, I love it! The Nautilus sofa comes with poses for male and female and really captures that submarine Victorian vibe. You can get it in cyan or ruby, with pillows or without. Matching the set is the Nautilus ceiling lamp. It also comes in either cyan or ruby. In the center is a beautiful original art sculpture by Unrepentant, Ned's Cachalot. It comes with materials that photograph lovely. You mod it and scale it up or down.  Below it is a cool Aquarium by Roawenwood. Inside are little fishes that swim around. I love how the colors of corals inside the tank have captured that blacklight aquarium look. The chest, seahorse stained glass lamp, and navigational sextant are all from the Remnants of the Nautilus set by  22769 ~ [bauwerk]. The Harpoon on the wall and the books on the floor are by BluPrintz.

I have a confession to make, as a kid I had two favorite rides at Disney World: The Pirates of the Caribbean and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I loved it, it was spooky with pipe organs and it made my child's mind excited seeing scenes like Atlantis and giant squid. I hope I was able to capture that cool vibe of the Nautilus.

Setting, inside (from left to right):
Pearl display: BluPrintz BP - Prized Pearl - Pillow [mesh](A Tattered Page)(149L)
Book: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Remnants of the Nautilus set [mesh](A Tattered Page)(225L)
Porthole: Noctis Nautilus porthole/steel [mesh](A Tattered Page)(99L)
Lamp: Noctis Nautilus ceiling lamp/ocean long [mesh](A Tattered Page)(99L)
Sofa: Noctis Nautilus Sofa Ocean pillows [mesh](A Tattered Page)(199L)
Sculpture: Unrepentant [UN] Ned's Cachalot (A Tattered Page)(149L)
Aquarium: Roawenwood {RW} Sea Escapes Aquarium [mesh](A Tattered Page)(245L)
Harpoon: BluPrintz BP - Ned's Harpoon [mesh](A Tattered Page)(149L)
Lamp: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Remnants of the Nautilus set [mesh](A Tattered Page)(225L)
Chart: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Remnants of the Nautilus set [mesh](A Tattered Page)(225L)
Sextant: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Remnants of the Nautilus set [mesh](A Tattered Page)(225L)
Chest: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Remnants of the Nautilus set [mesh](A Tattered Page)(225L)
Books: BluPrintz  BP -  Aronnax's Research [mesh](A Tattered Page)(149L)
Skybox: Adi Sci-Fi Skybox 1 (no longer available)

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