Monday, February 9, 2015

Mystery of the Mizuiro Oni

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STORYLINE: As the human population of Japan grew, they spread into territory long held by the youkai. Conflict and wars were fought. The youkai were stronger in every way, but they could not overcome the flood of invaders. As with any lifeform, loss of habitat has terrible consequences. The power and influence of the youaki began to wan. But among them was born an Oni child who appeared human but had strength not seen in generations. The reason for his appearance and power was unknown. It became his mission to protect the sacred Oni lands from human development.

This idea turned out so cool. It was inspired several great items from different events. From Uber, is the CerebusXing claws. Not only are they badass, but they work on TheMeshProject Male body. The hands on TMP body have only 2 poses, but you add these claws, you won't notice as much. lol The male size works on TMP only, and the rest of the included claws are several fits for the different girl mesh bodies. The Peqe collar comes with an open collar option, rigged and non-rigged, male and female, plus it can work on The Mesh Project male body! The collar is on sale at ROMP Fresh. ROMP Fresh is not the monthly weekend sale, no, it's a HUGE event stuffed with many things to make your Valentine's spicy hot! Do not miss it! It ends Feb 19th. ... I did something tricky with The Mesh Project body for this picture. There is currently no applier outfit in latex for men. So what I did was wear two mesh bodies. One has the Female Poison Latex Reine gloves and pants showing, and the other has only the bare chest area showing. Yes, this makes twice as much lag but it was only way to get the look I wanted for this character. ...The pipe is from CerebusXing and on sale at the new Japanese Designer sales event, Creators Collection Box. It runs until February 14th. The pipe comes in 2 versions, one for handheld and the other for the mouth. There is a very nicely done exhale effect attachment that will animate you too. The hud for it will allow you to turn on, and off the effect. ... The hair is brand new from Ayashi and the perfect style for my Oni character! It comes unrigged with an x,y,z hud to scale the size for a perfect fit. ... I used the no eyebrow version of Tableau Vivant's Felix head applier, and then switched the eyebrow with the new T.V. Sexy brows appliers on sale now at The Men's Department. The new brows also come in system layers for white, dark, blond, and red. ...And this part is very fun, I used the new Guardians Wing by Lovely Disarray eye makeup. It's so badass! It's works on the male Mesh Project Head! I hope to see more cool things like this for TMP. Love! It's on sale at Fashion Fair 2015. There is also a cool girl's eyeliner. (NOTE: You can not wear 3rd party makeup for girls on the male head, or vise versa. Sadly. The Shops eye-makeup is the only one that works on both girl and guy TMP mesh heads.) The off the shoulder kimono by ~SSS~ is a lot of fun. I could wear it using the alpha hud on the Mesh Project Body, no problems. ... For the cool effect on the back of kimono, is the new AIR Saligia gacha. For 50L a pull, win one of several colors. ... I used two Haus of Darcy piercings for my modern take on an Oni, the Lust nipple piercing, and TV piercings 8. The piercing are mod, so I made a few adjustments by hiding a few piercing to best with the TMP head and the smoking pipe. The belt by Epia is nice glossy black leather, and it works great here with the latex and jet back hair. The Hyerbole Horns were in a past We <3 Role Play and I was not able to find them still for sale in world. They photograph very well, there is a solid black cartoonlike black outside to them, and materials on the horn part that give a supernatural luster. The DirtyStories Damned prince horns just looked so cool here, I added them too. The pose is from the Axix Legendary Warrior gacha. I picked it up at a past Fantasy Fair. The next round starts soon. Okay gang, have fun for now, happy Valentine's Shopping.

On Him, The Mizuiro Oni:
Claws: CerberusXing Metal Claws Nightfall [mesh](Uber)(250L)
Pipe: CerberusXing Tassel Kiseru Black/Silver [mesh](Creators Collection Box)(250L)
Collar: PEQE  Naud [mesh](ROMP)(290L)
Hair: Ayashi Tomo hair [mesh](250L)
Staff: Air Saligia 2s)Turquoise_CM, gacha (50L)
Facial piercings: Haus of Darcy TV Piercing 8 - Tide [mesh](100L)
Nipple piercing: Haus of Darcy Lust MESH Nipples - Razor [mesh](150L)
Kimono: ~SSS~ KIMONO Katahadanugi - Sky [mesh](299L)
Cuffs: Mandala Bracelets SANKARA Black (427L)
Sash: Epia Auxiliary Chest Belt [mesh](220L)
Horns 1: Auxiliary Hyperbole Phosphorus Horn - Aqua [mesh](no longer available)
Horns 2: DirtyStories Damned Prince Horns Black (179L)
Eyeliner applier: Lovely Disarry Guardians Wing Eyeshadow (Fashion Fair 2015)(150L)
Latex applier: Female Poison Outfit Latex Reine in Black (198L)
Brow applier: Tableau Vivant Attractive Brow (The Men's Department)(220L)
Head skin applier: Tableau Vivant TMP Head Felix applier - Tone 1(600L)
Body skin applier: Tableau Vivant TMP body applier - Tone 1(400L)
Head: TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) - Anime (Deluxe) [mesh](5000L)
Body: TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body [mesh](5000L)
Eyes: S0NG Winter - Sky Eye [mesh] (50L)
Pose: Axis 3 Legendary Warrior, gacha (50L)

Building: ryusho Ort Ryu Japanese academy complex (800L)



  1. The idea of using two bodies is genius!

    1. Thanks! I was desperate to make it work. Then it hit me... I know! Two bodies! XD XD


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