Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Secret of Castle BlueBeard, 3

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.....WARNING: Much Horror in the finale.....

STORYLINE: She had enough of being scared of bumps in the night, ghosts in her dreams, and being left alone in a dark cold castle. She was not afraid! There was nothing in North Tower, it was merely unsafe. Perhaps it had some crumbling masonry? She grabbed the red key and marched up to the forbidden room. She didn't even pause to reconsider, before she shoved the door open. There, with his back to her the middle of room, stood her husband. He spun around and dropped a goblet in shock. It collided with the cold stone floor. A strange silvery substance splashed out. He was pale and feverish. His hair now a deep metallic blue. "You!" He pointed a long finger at her, "You're just like the rest. Worthless! I told you never come here!" He withdrew his sword, and waved it at her menacingly as he wobbled on his feet. Fresh blood dripped down the blade. She gasped and covered her mouth. "You did this to me! All of you!," he roared. "I traveled the world. No potion too insignificant! No matter what I tried, none of you whores could produce an heir." He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her. She squeaked and tried to loosen his grip. "You're not well, my love! What did you drink? Are you mad from wine?" He threw her on top of a pile of slain women. Who were all these women? What were they doing here? Why are they all killed? The shock was too much, and she fainted. "I was going to keep you, I loved you. I have no need for wives or lovers anymore. There will be no heir. I am the heir, the elixir has made me immortal!" He raised his sword high in the air to strike her down, but before he could deliver the killing blow, he coughed and fell to his knees. He began to vomit violently large volumes of liquid metal. Then the tremors stopped and he lay motionless in a pool of blood, vomit, and mercury.

I hope you all liked my twist to the tale of Bluebeard. Don't forget today is the last day for many great events! From Enchantment is the Good Wife ring. This is a nice ring that can fit either girls or guy and has a hud to change the textures. If you need a wedding ring or might need one in the future, you better run go get this now. The Aisling prize is the Bad Wife necklace. Its a key on a ribbon and it also has a texture change hud. This cool sword by Kalopsia is stamp prize. When you touch it, you can trigger 3 animations. The sword comes in clean and bloody. Nice! Bluebeards beard is by Tarnished and another fun stamp prize. What would a gothic villain be without an intense stare? Chop Shop has some nice Watching eyes that works great for Bluebeard. The coat he is wearing is by Peqe and also last day to pick it up on sale at We <3 Role Play. The shoulders are nice and square, love it. Also by Peqe is the fur wrap available at Tales of Fantasy. I got the white one and tinted it red for bluebeard. The wraps come in male and female, and several styles and colors. Over at the men's Department is is nice non-rigged mesh hair by Dura. I love the messiness of it. I got the white and tinted it to match the beard and coat. The armor is from The Forge gacha at Fantasy Gacha. Behind Bluebeard are two shocking Enchantment stamp prizes. The Bluebread Bodies by Death Row with a several wives hanging from hooks. This is really nicely done, if you like horror items, don't miss this. Adding more scare to the scene is Unrepentant's Heads on a Rope. Their hair is used to tie them to the rope. You can edit the mesh for tint and scale. .. Well you guys better get busy! You have lots of places to hit today before they close. Take care, and beware of men with Blue Beards.  Boowahahahaha

On him, Bluebeard:
Necklace: Aisling The Bad Wife [mesh](Enchantment, prize)
Ring: Aisling The Good Wife [mesh](Enchantment)(350L)
Sword: Kalopsia Blubeard Sword [mesh](Enchantment, prize)
Beard: Tarnished Bluebeard {tint} [mesh](Enchantment, prize)
Eyes: Chop Shop Watching - blue [mesh](Enchantment)(50L)
Coat: Peqe Ser's Coat [mesh](We <3 Role Play)(330L) Sale
Hair: Dura Dura-Boy*51, edit tint [mesh](The Men's Department)(130L)
Wrap: Peqe Twisted Stole, Male, edit tint [mesh](Tales of Fantasy)(200L)
Armor: The Forge Beserk Upper Guard, gold [mesh](Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Lip: Random Matters Chapstick - Mercury (130L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh](450L)
Skin, Applier: Tableau Vivant Echo - Mortui (dark)(We <3 Role Play)(495L)Sale
Pose: Axix Legendary Warrior, gacha (50L)

Bodies: Death Row bluebeard bodies [mesh](Enchantment, prize)
Heads: Unrepentant Heads On A Rope [mesh](Enchantment, prize)
Tower: Poetica Ivy Tower - dark [mesh] (2000L or 1800L)

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