Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Ghosts of August, 1

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STORYLINE: It was exciting this time of year, the spirits were so near! The young school girl could hardly believe it herself, -- she had crossed over to the spirit realm. The first time was an accident, but this time she knew what she needed to do, she needed to document the excursion! Can you imagine what her friends at school would say if they saw these images?

It's the time of the Bon Festival in Japan, and once more the Japanese Horror Event has returned! This year's Kagami is not to be missed. Travel along with a schoolgirl to solve the mystery of her missing classmate. At the Kagami landing is a wonderful marketplace of items in a Japanese Horror theme. Once you are dressed and ready to go, make sure your script count is low or you will not allowed to continue. Be careful about picking up objects on the sim, they could top you into the red and get you teleported home. I tried to eat a rat snack on stick and almost got booted for it. lol To start, go here, head to the Red Torrii gate, and walk through. On the path in front of you is a sign. Click that for the Hud, wear it, and accept giving it permission to teleport you. Once you are done with Part 1 and found the Youkai 1- 26, you get sent back to start and begin again. But don't worry, the walk down the Torrii path once more and it will take you to part 2. Have fun!

But wait there's more! I have a 2nd game for you. It's hud based quest at "Mayu and Kenta's Summer Vacation." Complete each task and then go the prize area to redeem one gift. The stamp rally last until Sept 11th. The Sakka's Studio Ghost Kimono is a prize there and it has a headband that triggers a ghost pose. The kimono itself has a faded bottom and alpha to hide your legs. Awesome prize!

Two great items from Tableau Vivant, first this awesome ghostly pale skin from the Echo line ALSO includes an applier for the hands. YES! The skins are beautiful and I will be showing you them some more. Don't miss this sale at We <3 Role Play. The Legend Hair is theme for Hades and comes with a crown, but guess what, this hair also works great for other headgear! The Ghost Fingers is hand and nail applier group gift by Kooqla. The scary black oily Purge makeup is by SongBird. The Orbs of Mist eyes are a group gift by Candy Mountain. The Musha necklace by Axix is part of the Fantasy Gacha event going on now. It has the theme this time of Asia, Pirate, and Viking. Naturally I lost my mind for so much awesome new mesh Asian themed things. The Bon Chouchin lantern is a gacha rare, but it comes from the Kagami Event. Touch it to turn the lamp on and off. Fuubutsu Dou also has nice horror themed items for you, a Bonseki set and dark Tea set with skulls. The  Happy Dispatch wall scroll is a brilliant additional for you horror decor with cool Japanese ghost drawings! I buy this so fast! lol And the Summer Bunking Zabuton is also awesome, so many great original animations! Props will automatically attach you as you pose too. The Ghost Legs table is a gift at Kagami by DownDownDown. The skull decoration is a gift from Aisling you can find at the main store. Happy Ghost Hunting gang!

On Ghost:
Hair: Tableau Vivant Legend Hair - Hades [mesh] (Collabor88)(188L)
Kimono, headband: Sakka's Studio Yuurei Kimono Male, Yuurei Zukin [mesh](Mayu & Kenta's Summer Vacation)(free)
Neckalce: Axix Mushu Necklace, gacha [mesh] (Fantasy Gacha)(50L)
Makeup: SongBird Purge The Darkness (100L)
Eyes: Candy Mountain orbs of mist [mesh] (group gift, 75L to join)(free)
Hand, Nails appliers: KOOQLA (group gift, 10L to join)
Hands: Slink Male Hands [mesh](450L)
Skin, Applier: Tableau Vivant Echo - Mortui (dark)(We <3 Role Play)(495L)Sale

Seat cushion: Happy Dispatch Summer Bunking ZABUTON [mesh](Kagami)(180L)
Wall hanging: Happy Dispatch KAKEJIKU(Hanging scroll)-Japanese afterlife- [mesh](Kagami)(85L)
Lamp: Fuubutsu Dou Bon Chouchin, RARE [mesh](Kagami)(50L)
Furniture: Fuubutsu Dou Bonseki Set [mesh](Kagami)(300L)
Furniture: Fuubutsu Dou TeaCase [mesh](Kagami)(300L)
Table: DownDownDown DDD_Gift_Ghost leg table (Kagami)(free)
Skulls: Aisling Skulls Souvenirs [mesh] (free)
House: Trompe Loeil Kumotori Bath House, shell [mesh](300L)

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