Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Ghost Hunters's Guide to Horror

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Hi, the name's Raven. I hunt ghosts. For me everyday is Halloween, but when the sun dip low on the horizon and the leaves begin to fall, I get more work than I can handle. So many "dearly departed" come back to haunt the living. Maybe you guys can help me this year and go investigate areas with suspicious activity. Below is a guide of the current horrifying hot spots. ....Oh and more thing, if do you run into a ghost, dont try to handle it on your own. Leave that to the professionals unless you're just dying to join their ranks.

On Raven:
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis Group Gift (free, 50L to join)
Shirt: Tableau Vivant Amin sweater - Purple [mesh] (Collabor88 event) (88L) Event Sale
Pants main photo: Tableau Vivant Gatsby pants grey (150L)
Pants inset photo: Lapointe & Bastchild Mesh Leather Mens fatpack [mesh] (499L)
Hair: Ayashi Marik Black set [mesh] (tint added) (200L)
Tie: SEY "Star&Skull"-Necklace & Bangles (300L)
Cuffs: Blitzed Brutal cuffs black (200L)
Bracelet: 1005 ring Circus-1005+SiRoRiO (The Dream Park event) (100L)
Shoes: Lapointe & Bastchild "Gothic Demonic" Boot& Shoe set /Crocs (499L)
Special Effect ball: Drake Faudeburgh Fusion Flame Small (25L, full perm)
Special Effect ghost: RMK Halloween HUD Main, spirit lights (free)

Hackberry Hill (nice, free haunted house theme group gifts to members, updated frequently!)

Raven's list of Horror hot-spots: 

Resting Place *NEW *adults only
The Pulse Games team is back for the their 6th annual horror survival game. This is the closest you'll ever be to being trapped inside a horror movie. Interactive Hud, effects, puzzles, plot twists, prizes, and chills! Opens Oct 17th, ends Nov 18th.  For more information, go to:

The Case of Praying Mary *NEW *adults only
One of the serial killers from last year's amazing Peatonville Asylum returns in an interactive mystery, puzzle, and a hunt. Can the bodies of all her lovers be found? This latest Madpeas minihunts ends Nov 4th. Cost 10L to play. For more information, go to:

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