Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Year of the Horse: 2014

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STORYLINE: Proudly, she stepped forward. Her arm reached out to lead the mystic creature. His year had come. It was time to lead him down the great hall so he could spread his wings and fly. Was he an angel of joy and opportunity, or was he the harbinger of misery and stagnation? The Horse's true nature shall be revealed.

Happy Year of the Horse! This is a special post for Fulli, who loves horses and her sign is also the Horse. I'm very happy she's back on the blog after she had a serious injury a month ago. She is not completely recovered but wants to do her best. She is modeling the cool complete gothic avatar Lilith from Bite & Claw that includes skin, eyes, fangs, dress, and boots. It's available now at the Fantasy Collective. She is wearing a fantastic hunt creation by LaNoir Soleil Design for the Lady Dark Hunt. Her beautiful elegant collar is from the Frost Fair gacha by Theater Chain, and still available to play! If you are lucky you can win an adorable Baby Christmas dress and half bonnet in baby blue.

I am wearing the quarter horse avi and mod kit by Breeder's Choice. My horns are by Belial Japan Development. The rest of the look is by Abaddon Arts: demon wings, piercings, mane and tail, and custom skin and eyes. Mr Abaddon Axelrad of Abaddon Arts answered my questions, helped me solve a problem with my avi (I needed the update! oops), and even let me buy one of his custom skins not currently out for sale. Thanks!

Fulli wishes you all a "Happy Year of the Horse \o/," and "don't gallop in the wrong way :P <3" lol

On Her, Lilith:
Dress, boots, eyes, skin, fangs: Bite and Claw Lilith Avatar [mesh] (Fantasy Collective)(399L)
Collar: Theater Chain +T*C+Antique Choker - black gacha [mesh] (50L)
Hair, Horns: LaNoir Soleil Designs LDH Imogen,  Luximaal horns  [mesh] (Lady Dark Hunt)(1L)

On Him, Horse of 2014:
Horns: Belial Japan Development [BjD] Horn-Vainglory (edit) [mesh] (680L)
Avatar: Breeder's Choice BC Quarter Horse Avatar Black [mesh] (3000L)
Avatar: Breeder's Choice BC Quarter Horse Mod kit  [mesh] (200L)
Wings: Abaddon Arts  Demonic Wings - white (349L)
Mane, Tail: Abaddon Arts Galaxy Brite Mane, Tail - White (599L)
Piercings: Abaddon Arts Bridge Piercings (30L)
Nose Piercings: Abaddon Arts  Nostril Piercings (20L)
Skin, Eyes: Abaddon Arts PinkNose Texture Pack, Fire eye (not available)

Memento mori
Thanks for your help Fulli!

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