Tuesday, June 4, 2013

News Event: SL10B Linden Bears

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STORYLINE: "What? You never saw a bear jump out of cake before?" Takes a piece of cake. "I'll have you know, I happen to be quite delicious. And once I am done eating myself, I will be a butt nakkid bear. Weeee!"

This new free bear Linden Bear avatar is awesome. Run go get it while it is up on the marketplace. The bear comes with materials to create a fur effect. The bear is available until the end of June. Also available is the Rez Day Birthday Cake. It seems to know how old you are! The look of the cakes changes based on your age. Very cool! Touch it and it gives you piece of cake and a spoon. Shown on the ground are the Linden Bears collected by my buddy Voodoo over the years.

The huge SecondLife 10th year birthday celebration begins June 16 and runs to the 29th. For more information go to: SL10B

On Bear Left:
Avatar: Shopkeeper Linden Bear Avatar with hat [mesh] (free)
Outfit: Shopkeeper Linden Second Life Rez Day Cake with cake plate and spoon [mesh] (free)

On Bear, Right:
Avatar: Shopkeeper Linden Bear Avatar with SL10B shirt [mesh] (free)
Hat: Intrigue Co. Umbrella Hat [mesh] (Collabor88) (88L)

Various Collectable Linden Bears
Thanks for your help Voodoo!


  1. Replies
    1. Dancing Bear Spins.... Frosting spats on you. He stops. Looks over at you. Sees frosting... Makes a face, "Oooooo.... Frosting." Starts to head over to you.

      You better run!!!! XD XD XD

      ty -^

    2. *runs* No way you're gonna get me!!!

      Welkiess~~ :DD


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