Thursday, July 12, 2012

News Report: Group Gifts 1

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Taking a break from my normal style of reporting, I would like to try a News Report style that will allow me to report great finds faster than I normally would be able to.

First up on the News Report are current Group Gifts.

2: Gizza GizzA - June Group Gift [Male] (free, requires group join)
3: PeKaS PeKaS monthly gift july (free, requires group join)
4: Jstyle ZEUS, FRANK, and MR SPAIN (free for limited time, requires group join)
5: Ydea Ydea Storm (free, requires group join)
6: Akeruka AKERUKA Neo Group Gift (1L, requires group join $250L)
7: Chop Zuey Men's Freebird Brc Rd, Freebird Rd Men's Necklace (free, requires group join $350L)

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