Monday, February 20, 2023

Midnight Order: The Last Day

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STORYLINE: It was hard to believe. 12 hours ago he was partying with his buds at the pub after a hard day climbing the tallest mountain in the French Alps. He was the leader of the group, the one who rescued those who faltered. He was a fearless hero to them. But look at him now… panting for breath, clinging to his Spiderbot 450 because he too weak to even stand.

Some people had dogs, he had his trusty Spiderbot, -- there was nothing it couldn't climb! They had been on many adventures together. In fact, Spiderbot was his best friend. And it knew he was dying. It knew what he wanted to do, one last time....

Higher and higher the bot raced, leaped, and climbed. The air was getting thin. It was hard to keep his eyes open now. His breath became ragged. His thoughts a jumble.

There was a monster lurking in pub parking lot. It wanted him. He fought it off, but not without first taking serious damage. He never really thought Nosferatu were real, just Dark Ages folklore, superstition, and fiction. He wanted to believe he infected by was some kind genetically engineered virus or something, but he couldn't deny the changes he felt. The sunlight was beginning to burn. He pulled the hoodie lower over his face. 

He wasn't sure how long he had been passed out when Spiderbot suddenly squeaked. He slowly opened his eyes and smiled weakly. "Good Spider," he whispered. Then he used what strength he had left and stood up. The cold wind whistled in his ear. It was so peaceful up here at the top of the world. So beautiful above the clouds.

"I could throw myself over the edge," he thought. "The Mighty Claude Frederic, Mountaineer Extraordinaire, is a slave to no one." He looked down past the cliff's edge into the darkness peeking below the clouds. Perhaps he could stay here with Spider and let the sun purify him.

"You wouldn't try to save me if I start to burn, would you, Spider?" he laughed bitterly. Of course Spider could easily hop to the shaded side of the mountain. Would the AI refuse to let him die even if he wished for it? How many times had they cheated death together against all odds on a mountain just like this? 

Damn that fiend, it chose its victim well. What was he going to do? Was this really his last day?

This image is inspired by one of my all time favorite paintings, "Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog" by Caspar David Friedrich, (who is also one of my all time favorite painters) and the Shard Wild Arliss Spider. Its a wearable animesh vehicle you can attach. It comes with a hud to alternate poses for men and women, change the spider's textures, and trigger a few spider leg animations. Also from Midnight Order, is the open Dark Find Hoodie by Gild with texture hud too change colors. The pants from Ash come with a nice texture hud with many color options including latex and gold trim. The Boots from Quills & Curiosities come in fits for men and women and a texture hud to change up the textures. Midnight Order is ending soon. I hope you were able to the live DJs show, picks up the gifts, and of course, get lots of dark-minded things of awesomeness. Can't wait for next round? Bookmark this page: Midnight Order. It will update with information on the next round, not to mention it has galleries of all past rounds. (I love that!)

On Him, Claude Frederic:
Vehicle: SHARD Wild Arliss Spider, steel [Animesh](Midnight Order)(600L)
Hoodie: Gild Dark find hoodie red, legacy(m) [mesh](Midnight Order)(420L)
Pants: Ash Eden Suit, legacy(m) [mesh](Midnight Order)(369L)
Boots: Quills & Curiosities Lazarus Boots, black, Legacy M [mesh](Midnight Order)(350L)
Body: TheShops [BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy)(m) (1.0) [mesh](5000L)

Rocks: Jian Floating Islands [mesh]

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