Monday, November 23, 2015

Along Came a Spyder, 2

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STORYLINE: A blizzard raged in the City That Never Sleeps. Unseen to those struggling against the wind and snow drifts was a billowy shadow moving across the towers. His time was fast approaching. The penthouse over looking Central Park was a secret pleasure the ghost enjoyed returning to each year. It had been an easy task for him to create wealth, afterall foresight had it's perks. As he passed through glassy facade of his abode he was shocked to discover giant cobwebs covering everything. Below his dusty Christmas tree was a nest of giant spiders eggs guarded by a mutant spider. The distinct scent of a blood drinker hung in the air. He had not foreseen this! Who dares trespass on the Ghost of Christmas Future!

Don't hate me for sneaking in a Christmas theme post before Thanksgiving! lol  ...This image is inspired by the awesome Death Row Burton theme decor and the Nomad Gothic Diva gacha. I love the Burton Clocks, the hands spin wildly around on all the faces, both front and back. I put them with the Abstract Sculpture by Nomad, that has a very Ghost of Christmas Future vibe! On the pedestal, I used the new Wood Wreath by ASO on sale at the Creator's Collection Box. I tinted the holly very dark for a more gothic feel. The current round of CCB has a lot of cool Japanese New Year theme items and Christmas, as well as gifts.  The striped chair by Death Row comes in adult and pg versions, and has hud to change the texture patterns on the chair (black, white, striped, or checkered). The Death Row Burton table also comes with a texture change hud. On top of the table is the Death Row burton tea set. The Candelabra is from the Nomad Gothic Diva gacha. The gorgeous curtain hanging in the window is by Papermoon. It was a gift from the Nightmare event. The mainstore has other color and textures in the curtain for you to scoop up (I hope to see a gothic color theme set for the curtain set in the future!) The Christmas Tree is by Dysfunctionality. It can change color theme and it only 2li. It's also mod, so I tinted it for a more dusty look. Also tinted are the Botanical Spider Eggs under the tree. And the cute little Spid-eek is by Silent Sparrow. He's animated. All the cobwebs are from the Death Row Mystery Mansion gacha. The skybox is a beautiful new release by Haikei on sale at Kustom 9.

Ghost of Christmas Future penthouse:
Skybox: HAIKEI dusky white skybox [mesh](Kustom 9)(599L)
Candelabra: NOMAD Gothic Candelabra, Gothic Diva gacha [mesh](75L)
Curtains: Papermoon Straight Cupped Curtains: BloodStained [mesh](black unavailable)(250L)
Wreath: ASO Wood Wreath white light (edit tint)[mesh](Creator's Collection Box)(110L)
Chair: Death Row DRD burtonesque gothic chair [mesh](288 pg, 788L adult)
Table: Death Row DRD burtonesque table [mesh](88L)
Teaset: Death Row DRD burtonesque teaset [mesh](88L)
Christmas Tree: Dysfunctionality [DDD] Christmas Tree [mesh](195L)
Spider Eggs: Botanical Spider Egg Sac Cluster - Blue edit tint [mesh](125L)
Spider: Silent Sparrow Black Spid-eek! Spider - Animated  Skitter [mesh])199L
Spider web: Death Row DRD MM web 1, mystery mansion gacha [mesh](75L)
Spider web: Death Row DRD MM web 2, mystery mansion gacha [mesh](75L)
Spider web: Death Row DRD MM web 3, mystery mansion gacha [mesh](75L)
Clocks: Death Row DRD burtonesque clocks [mesh](88L)
Statue: NOMAD Abstract Sculpture, Gothic Diva gacha [mesh[(75L)

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