Sunday, May 5, 2013

News Event: Sand and Sea Expo

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The first Sand and Sea Expo sponsored by Oceania Breedables runs from May 2 to the 5th. I spent the day there and had a blast. Anyone who has ever tried to make their own cozy little beach paradise will know names like Headhunters, The Beachstore, and MnM, but you will discover even more stores as you browse around and find great beach items in mesh too! The best sailing boats in SL are also at the Expo, including the model very popular with my buds who love Motor Loon. Grab the free scuba gear, and get wet because under the sea are more incredible stores like Deep Seas, Cetological Museum, and Safe Waters Foundation that will put the happy mer-dance in your fins. So many of the stores I have loved over the years all in one place, plus freebies and Beachcomber hunt gifts too? Awesome! *raises glass of free drink sex-on-the-beach from Chez Moi in salute.* Well played, my fellow beach bums, well played.

On Him, top left:
Mask, Fins: Oceania Breedables Scuba Gear [mesh] (Sand and Sea Expo)(free)
Shorts: JOMO Man's Sexy Shorts B1 (230L)

Bottom left:
Boat: JP Collections Y-KNOT v6 [mesh] (Sand and Sea Expo)(free)

On Him, right:
Skin: Tellaq Alexis Skin Style 6 (1000L)
Necklace: Oceania Breedables S&S Feeding Time Necklace (tinted)[mesh] (Sand and Sea Expo)(free)
Mertail and fens: Deep Seas Ikan Betta - Tigerfish (Sand and Sea Expo)(free)

Above I am showing just a few of the many prizes and gifts at the Sand and Sea Expo. On the left, I am wearing the free Scuba gear from Oceania, and sexy shorts by Jomo as the Oceania sharks swim by a sunken airplane. The boat is by JP Collections, it's mesh has poses, and a hud for driving. On the right, Mr Tigerfish is wearing the new Alexis skin by Tellaq, the gift necklace by Oceania, and Mer outfit gift by Deep Seas.

Triumphal Yacht Club Water Trike
BeachStore Blue and pink beach cottages
Bam Pu Legacies Bubble emitter, beach mat& shell, Plant alien
Safe Waters Foundation Mermaid chair
Two Moon Paradise Basic Mer Ao, trident, pose

For those of you who have played and loved the Oceania Balloon Games at Madness Fair and Kawaii Fair, Sand and Sea Expo has a new game. You hunt for pink shells at each expo store, click it, and hope you win a prize. Some shells have multiple prizes but once you win, it's all the gifts you will get. Prizes are random. Some of those stubborn gastropods don't so easily come out of their shell bearing gifts. lol. So use my handy links below to zip back to the shells you need to try your luck again in 2 hours. Keep at it gang! Some awesome prizes here.

Beachcombers's Pink Seashell Game
Motor Loon
Chez Moi
Fisher's Island Yacht Club
Deep Seas
Bam Pu Legacies
Beach Equipment
The Beachstore
Ocean Shores

UPDATE:  This is in the comments for the post at FFFM, but I post it here to other people incase you missed it:
Hello. The boat is what I won from Jp Collection. If I remember correctly, that one of the random drop ones. I have seen other people win a different boat. The Nemo was also free, a small racing boat. Another marina gave out a gift certificate you can use to collect a prize (a boat?). And the Water Trike was also free. .. But I want you get a boat! Head over the Tradewinds Yacht club. There is a fantastic free racing boat there. In fact, it's my favorite free boat. The Flying Fizz. Enjoy! ^^

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