Monday, July 14, 2014

2065: Battle Bots 1

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STORYLINE: He failed as a security guard, and flopped as a Rock Star. So what does a pissed off starving vampire gotta do to sip that sweet, sweet Eden nectar anyway? Fight to the death with a Battle Bot is what! The Underworld's kingpin, Kujo, made the Cursed A.N.G.E.L. an offer he couldn't refuse; Duke it out with the reigning Battle Bot champ and if he wins, be rewarded with his very own Eden to nibble on whenever the mood suits him, and if he fails they'll be sure to sweep his guts off the floor into a nice bucket to feed Kujo's dogs. No doubt the Lords of Mars would gamble on the fight like the obscenely rich bastards they are. He didn't have much of a choice. Besides, he was cocky enough to think he could actually win. Battle Bots had replaced humans in the brutal sport over a century ago, but in the underworld, humans still boxed. Lucky for him, he found a great trainer. 

Are you ready to get sweaty? Don't miss this wonderful animations in the The Workout mat by Happy Dispatch on sale over at Creation.Jp. (see image below) The basic version on sale for 100L, and Deluxe Edition for 300L. To get it on sale, you need to hurry. Creation.Jp ends the 15th! The Deluxe has poses for you and your trainer, and 2 people sitting on the sidelines. When you wear the included boxing gloves and mits it will automatically switch to transparent when you are not using them. The color of the gloves changes randomly each time you use them. And now a nice bonus you will love, if you take your picture working out on the matt and upload it to the Happy Dispatch Flickr group before August 1st, you will get a free Boxing Hud! I can't wait to replace Hugs and Kisses Hud with this baby. I got your kiss right here, POW! lol To read more about this  special offer, and watch movies of the animations go to:

Now let me tell you a little more about what I am wearing. The new Luc Hoodie by FATEwear has cool bold styling stripes on it. I love it! You can get the hoodie in other textures, patterns and colors too. It comes with 3 clothing styles, open, hood up and hood down.  If you are a FATEwear subscriber, you got a nice gift at the start of July of swim trunks and towl in Canada and USA colors. If you are not a subscriber, no worries. Just head over to FATEisland and touch the subscriber board, the gift swimwear will be delivered to you. Tableau Vivant has another sweet skin sale over at The Men's Department. You can pick up Echo tone 5 with appliers for only 300L. There are 5 different eye makeup styles to choose from, I'm sporting the Smokey eye above which looks grat like, sweaty smudged eyeliner. I love the new Insomnia option too! New hair Natume by Argrave has a very cool wet look and a hud to turn water droplets on or off. Because you never be too sweaty looking, I added *eL* Wearable sweat clothing layers along with NMJ body oil for men. The final look turned out great for a subtle sweaty look. Now all I need is a flushed tattoo....

On Him, Cursed A.N.G.E.L.:
Hoodie: FATEwear Jacket - Luc - TundraVoid [mesh](300L)
Hair: Argrave NATSUME - Whites [mesh](250L)
Necklace: Mandala KOTOWARI Necklace_set_All colors [mesh](397L)
Jeans: Ronsem Straight Jeans / jetblack male [mesh] (350L)
Boots: J's Men's Studded Long boots-M/L - black [mesh] (450L)
Shoulder Towel: FATEwear Towel - Matt - London [mesh] (200L)
Sweat: *eL* Wearable Sweat (150L)
Oil: NMJ Group NMJ BodyOil Male Tattoo Ver1 (150L)
Eyes: S0NG Winter Snow Eye [mesh](50L)
Brow: Tableau Vivant Eyebrow 04 (Tintable) (80L)
Skin, appliers: Tableau Vivant Echo - Tone 5 - Smokey eyes (The Mens Department)(300L)
Pose: momomuller / 3M standing1_m_004_3 (40L)

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STORYLINE: Coach Tora was an ex-light weight female boxing champ once known as "Tora the Fierce" before retiring. She convinced the Cursed A.N.G.E.L there was a way to beat a Battle Bot using what she claimed was the "Android Blind Spot."

Joining me for the first time on Bishie Style SL is my good friend Kariritaisho. She was a great help and didn't mind at all when I took a few swipes at her. lol  She is wearing adorable Dino Dozer hoodie by Razor and the Regulator boots by Razor. Her system jeans are by Hot Stuff. These pictures were taken on the gorgeous Sky Tower by Fanatik. The chair in the back is Nova by Trompe Loeil from a past Collabor88. Sadly it's not available anymore, but the cute Lava Lamp by Intrigue still is. The desk is by Isil Designs and the tabletop is also a media player. Coming up in my next post is the Battle Bot!

On Her, Coach Tora:
Hoodie: Razor Dozer Hoodie - Fem - Dino [mesh](599L)
Pants: Hot Stuff Black Jeans [mesh](75L)
Boots: Razor Regulator Combat Boots Full Version [mesh](499L)

Prop, animations: Happy Dispatch Workout mat Deluxe Edition (Creation.Jp) (300L) Sale
House: Fanatik Sky Tower [mesh] (3800L)
Desk: Isil Designs Europa Desk [mesh](400L)
Chair: Trompe Loeil Nova Chair Stardust [mesh](no longer available)
Lamp: Intrigue Co. Rocket Lava Lamp: Milky Way - Black [mesh](250L)
Thanks for your help, Kariritaisho!

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